I can’t believe that it’s been seven years already since I started blogging.  This had become one of the longest activity that I’ve ever done in my life!

For the past seven years, this blog had become my online diary.  There are times it felt like chore.  There are times that I feel like I’m talking to nobody.  There are times I don’t feel like anybody appreciate what I do.  A lot of people can do I what I do here, some even better.  Sometimes I ask myself, “why bother writing that story when no one would even read it?”  Why would anyone want to read yet another blog?  Yes, there were times I wanted to just stop writing.

Blogging is not as easy as it seems.  Sure, everyone can say they’re a “blogger.”  In a way, that is true: if you keep posting on social media, you are in a way a blogger.  A blogger is someone who does a blog.  A blog is short for “web log.”  Anyone who logs their activities on the web is a blogger.  But not all bloggers are equal.

There are those who blog for perks.  These folks sadly would do just about anything to be noticed, including unethical ones!  They are the folks that gives bloggers a bad name.  Some of their traits include (but not limited to) copying works of others (plagiarizing words, using copyrighted images, etc.) without permission or even credit; creating fake Facebook events using the names of real events to get false association with the real event owners; and for some more gutsy ones, inviting themselves to (gatecrashing) private events and launches!  These folks give an impression that bloggers are freeloaders and cheap.

On the other hand, there are still those who blog for the love of doing it.  Those that still produce original content regardless of monetary value.  Regardless of hits.  Regardless of likes.  Just for the love of writing.  Oftentimes, I circle back to this noble thought, and it brings me back to Microsoft Word to write that next content.  It may not be a Pulitzer Prize-winning piece.  It may not even be of interest to anyone but myself.  But each time I write a piece of my thought, I feel accomplished.  Maybe I’ll be preserved for eternity with my blog posts.  Maybe one day WordPress will be gone or will purge all my posts into oblivion and my online existence will be wiped off and I’ll be forgotten for all of eternity.  But regardless of what the future holds, I’d keep writing and posting a piece of my life through this blog, for as long as I can.

To everyone that has joined me with my journeys in life through this blog, thank you.  Every comment or “like” that I receive on my posts are worth more than money—it makes me feel that there is someone out there who is actually listening.  I hope that in my own little way I was able to help or even inspire you to get out of your chairs and see the world (or even just to try some new food).  If you’re still reading this, bless you and I really appreciate that you read this lengthy post.  I hope your browser brings you back to my humble blog in the near future!

Thank you as well to those crazy folks that I met along the way that made this journey, both online and offline, much more pleasant!

* * *

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