Behind the Scenes: Nike+ Run Club Manila Maiden Session

Nike+ Run Club (NRC) Manila recently had its maiden session in front of Nike Park, Bonifacio High Street Branch and I was one of the lucky one to have experienced it firsthand.   These running clinic sessions are open to the public and here’s how you can join for free:

Running around BHS with Nike+ Run Club
Courtesy Nike Philippines

It was last Tuesday night, March 01, 2016 when we had the first NRC Manila session.  Sessions are held every Tuesdays and Thursdays night, at exactly 7:34PM, with Tuesdays being the RSG (Ready, Set, Go) Run and Thursdays being Home Run sessions.  Being the maiden session and a Tuesday, we got first dibs with what to expect on a session of the RSG Run.  And “we” referred to running bloggers, members of the media, and the general public who were in the vicinity that were willing to join.

The coaches and pacers of NRC Manila
Courtesy Nike Philippines

Each NRC Manila session is led by coaches Rio dela Cruz, Ian Banzon, and Ico Ejercito with the assistance of able pacers.  Our RSG day started with warmup drills, as expected from Coach Rio.  We partnered-up to do the initial dynamic stretching routines and then formed lines to do the drills.

During our warmup drills
Courtesy Nike Philippines

Afterwards, the coaches grouped themselves into five based on pace: from very easy (a.k.a. “sexy” pace) to the crazy fast.  I picked the middle ground.

We started with an easy run all around Bonifacio High Street for a couple of minutes until we found ourselves a spot where we could do our sprints.  We formed two lines and ran in pairs, but the idea was to run straight in an all-out effort—something I’ve not done in a very long time!  I guess I was quite fortunate that my pair is a sprinter so I was really pushed to my limits!  We did the sprints thrice so each round allowed me to rediscover my optimal sprint posture.  And yes, running sprints and long distance are two totally different worlds!  And if you aim to improve your long distance running speed, you have to do your sprints as well.

My favorite part of the session: the sprints!
Courtesy Nike Philippines

After doing another round of easy run around BHS, we had a much longer, 45-second sprint before heading back in front of Nike Park BHS to do our cooldown.  And of course, since it’s the first session, we had a lot of group photos taken.

Cooling down…
Courtesy Nike Philippines

—Press Release—

Nike+ Run Club Manila Powers Filipinos to Lace Up, Get Out, and Run!

MANILA, PHILIPPINES—Nike+ Run Club (NRC) Manila, part of Nike’s largest and fastest growing global services platform for athletes, brings the best of Nike+ Running services and programs into live events for athletes and runners of all levels in the capital city.

“NRC connects runners of all levels to expert NRC coaches, pacers, training plans and NRC community members,” said Patrick Reyes, Country Marketing Manager, Nike Philippines.  “The Nike+ Run Club Manila will inspire and enable more runners to join the global running community, designed for first time runners, daily runners as well as race-day competitors.  Regular sessions begin March 01, twice weekly, each session with a different focus” continued Reyes.

NRC Manila will cater to the already bustling running community of Manila, specifically in the Fort area of Bonifacio Global City with Nike Park Fort as the starting point.  NRC coaches Rio dela Cruz, Ian Banzon and Ico Ejercito, will lead the twice weekly sessions providing professional training and tips for runners to improve their runs.  Sessions will take place every Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  NRC Manila is open to both men and women, and participants of the NRC Women’s Half Marathon Manila 2016 are highly encouraged to train for the race at the mentioned NRC sessions, to prepare them for the upcoming run.

Runners must register for NRC Manila sessions prior to each running session as there are capacity limitations. Runners can register online for NRC sessions at

The Nike+ Run Club Philosophy

  1. We are all meant to be runners. Running doesn’t turn away anyone at the door. If we want to bring out the runner inside us, we just have to lace up and get out
  2. We are not just runners. We are athletes. It takes more than a pair of legs to be fast. It takes our entire body, mind, and unbreakable spirit.
  3. Every run has a purpose. Some days we’ll feel pushed. Some days we’ll push back. Find the meaning in every mile.
  4. Respect every workout. Fear no workout. It’s going to be hard. That’s why we love it. Respect is earned from doing the work. So get out and get after it.
  5. Embrace your weaknesses. Then erase them. With regular and consistent work, our weaknesses can become our strengths.
  6. Measure success in as many ways as you can. Not every run will be our farthest or fastest, but every run is an achievement and should be seen as such.
  7. We believe in you, even if you don’t. On days when we feel less than our best, we can always seek motivation from our community. Nike+ Run Club is here to remind us that our best is always within our reach.

About NRC Women’s Half Marathon Manila 2016

NRC Women’s Half Marathon Manila 2016 is the first female-only Nike half marathon run in the Philippines.  Female runners who are interested to participate in the NRC Women’s Half Marathon Manila 2016 can join with their best female buddy and register at this link:  Registration fee is ₱2,700.00 per pair payable via credit card or PayPal.

* * *

As I mentioned earlier, joining is free!  All you have to do is to go to and follow these steps:

  • Select “Philippines” if asked for your location
  • Scroll down under the Nike+ Run Club and click Reserve A Spot
  • Select the session you’d like to join and click RESERVE A SPOT
  • Sign in to your Nike+ account (or sign up if you don’t have an account yet)
  • Save your spot


  • Pre-registration is required
  • Due to limited availability, don’t forget to cancel your reservation if you’re unsure of your attendance
NRC Manila first batch
Courtesy Nike Philippines

I wasn’t able to attend the Thursday Home Run session that followed but I was told that this is much more catered to those joining the NRC Women’s Half Marathon Manila 2016.  It’s still open to all and you may think of it as a long run with specific pace and distance to be covered.

* * *

For more information, visit

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  1. Oriel C. margallo says:

    Every session i was attended on this training, i felt really good coz basic moves Stretching are applied. Their Pacer very supportive to everyone. Godbless you all…. Thank you Nike Philippines.


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