Four (4) Ways to Spot an Official 2016 Run United 1 Pacer

It had come to our attention that there are some folks blatantly using the 2016 Run United 1 Pacer photo template without permission from the copyright holder to make themselves appear like they’re part of the official pacers for the said event.  While some do it for “fun,” it isn’t really fun if somebody gets hurt following a “pacer” when in fact it was just a “poser.”  In line with this, I’m giving everyone tips on how to spot the official pacers apart from the wannabes.

12112023_10153218783348177_168777180098458563_n (640x426).jpg
The pacers from one of the legs of last year’s Run United

  1. The Shirt.  The most obvious distinction of an official Run United pacer is the shirts they wear.  While it differs between each leg, it usually stays consistent that it has the Run United label on the front and the word “Pacer” at the back.  Also, these shirts are exclusive to pacers and all pacers are required to wear them on race day as uniform.  But since you won’t know what the pacers’ shirts would look like until race day, let’s go to the next sign.
11143422_10152845154178177_1370222745508617007_n (400x400).jpg
What would the pacer’s shirt look like?  Most likely not like this! 😀
  1. Balloons.  Not just any balloons, these balloons indicate the event name and the target finish time of the pacer bearing the balloon.  The numbers vary as well as the colors.
Our balloons at the very least indicate the target finish time
  1. Extra-Large Bibs.  Official pacers wear extra-large bibs that indicate target finish time and are placed at the back for runners to see.  Again, the design varies.
The bib that I wore last year
  1. Introduction.  If you’re lucky to start near the stage at the finish line, you’d notice that each lead pacer is introduced before gun start.  Also there are marshals carrying a sign that indicate the target finish time where the pacers gather for other runners to join.  If you consider all the items I mentioned above, you pretty much can identify who the real pacers are.
Look for these marshals at the starting area to spot the official pacers

To summarize, look for those odd runners that have extra-large bibs at their back who are also sporting balloons and wearing a Run United shirt that you’ve never seen before!

Our 2015 RUPM 42K pace group approaching the finish line
Courtesy Running Photographers

To all the 2016 Run United 1 participants looking for pacers to guide them in achieving their target finish times, for your safety avoid the posers and always look for the official pacers.  Their service is free and they’ve been selected based on their qualifications so you know they can help deliver you to your race goals.  See you on Sunday!

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