Race Recap: AmCham ScholaRun 2017

It’s already the middle of February but I’ve only had my first race of the year with the 6th AmCham ScholaRun.  This isn’t by all means a major race and I can’t say I prepared for it, but it opened my year on a good note.  Here’s my recap.

AmCham ScholaRun 2017 is my Mizuno Wave Rider 20’s first race

This year’s AmCham ScholaRun was held at the SM Mall of Asia Complex with the starting line near the Esplanade Seaside Terminal.  As I was coming in by bus, it meant an extra 2K walk from where my bus stops to the starting area.  I was quite anxious when I alighted the bus as I’m uncertain if I could arrive on time so that 2K head start became my warmup, walking and running as needed to arrive the soonest without spending too much energy.  And I did arrive at the starting area with minutes to spare—only to get stuck at the baggage area.

I don’t know what these are called but this is one of the cutest I’ve seen!

And so I started just before the gun start of the 3K.  And as if starting late wasn’t enough, I had technical issues starting GPS tracking on my Fitbit Charge 2!  I had started Endomondo before crossing the starting line though so I had a fallback.  I finally was able to get my Fitbit working a few minutes later.  Good thing that this is one of those events that I’m not racing for a personal best.

As always, starting late is a challenge as you begin with the bulk of runners ahead of you.  Both 5K and 10K runners lie ahead so I had to weave through the crowd to get through.  I think that my unplanned warmup worked well for me as I actually completed my first kilometer, despite the crowds, in under 5 minutes!

The only photo of me during the race that I found
Courtesy @amchamfoundation on Facebook

I wasn’t really feeling anything bad after my first kilometer so I just sustained my pace.  I wanted to test how long I can keep this sub-5 minute pace as I’ve not run at this speed in a very long time!  Given that I wasn’t really training for anything I knew that soon enough I’ll be hitting a 5-minute kilometer, and then slower from there.  But then the third kilometer came, and then I’m already on my way back, and I’m still averaging less than 5 minutes per kilometer!  This is interesting, I thought.

And then there it was, the finish line… I think I’m the only one at the time crossing the 5K lane.  It was reading past 28 minutes (gun start) so I didn’t have an idea how I did.  But when I stopped Endomondo and my Fitbit, I realized that I actually completed in under 25 minutes!  That’s a nice surprise!  My timing wasn’t that accurate because of my technical issues when I started but it was 22 minutes++ on my watch.

A rainy finish…

After crossing the finish, I got myself busy with fetching my bag from the baggage area (which took much longer than checking it in as they didn’t have a system of quickly finding the bags deposited), eating breakfast, and taking some photos.  It also started raining so I only had a handful of shots.  That rain came at the worst time and as there’s hardly any shelter in the area, discouraged a lot of people from staying for the awarding ceremonies (myself included).  And so after a lone group photo with co-workers that also joined the race, we all went our own separate ways.

The fountain at the activity area

It might be a wet day but my spirits were anything but dampen!  I’ve far exceeded my expectations of doing a 25-30 minute 5K without really consciously thinking about the time (officially 22:53, chip time).  It’s a great way to start the year!

* * *

To all the finishers, congratulations!  You may view the official race results here.

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