Hotel Review: City Center Hotel (Baguio, 2017)

We stayed at City Center Hotel for the latter half of our impromptu Baguio trip.  This isn’t my first time to stay here so it’s a good chance to see what’s changed since then.

City Center Hotel right in the middle of bustling Session Road

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I really was hoping to stay at City Center Hotel for our Labor Day weekend Baguio trip but their online booking says that it’s sold out.  But because we had a change of plans and extended our trip by a day, we decided to try our luck and drop by in case they have a room to spare.  And glad that we did because they had one, but there’s a catch.

The hotel waiting area between the front desk and Beans Talk Bistro


The only room available that they had don’t have any windows.  Technically, it has a window but it just opens to a dark opening for the sake of the air conditioner.  It wasn’t my first time to stay in a hotel room without any windows so it wasn’t that much of a turn off, but it’s more of the necessity that we agreed to take it.

Our room

Our room wasn’t that small and aside from not having any views, it also doesn’t have any cabinet for storage.  All we had were hooks, tables, and chairs so we had to be creative in placing our clothes.  Not that of a deal-breaker for us since we’d only be staying for a night.  The bed was also decent.  And as a positive consequence of being completely closed, our room cools quickly.  There’s also a TV with cable so we don’t really feel that isolated.

That fancy faucet got my attention 😀

Probably the most pleasant aspect of our enclosed room is the toilet.  The size is just decent but the fixtures and overall appearance was surprisingly good given than we’re staying in a room without any windows.  I guess that’s their consolation for staying in an otherwise “undesirable” room.

The shower area


Our stay included a complimentary breakfast for two.  Breakfast is served at their in-house restaurant, Beans Talk Bistro.

Their “most improved” longanisa

Between then and now, I’d say that Beans Talk Bistro have improved their offerings.  For one, the serving size have improved.  The slice of cucumber and tomato were hardly missed, but their longanisa improved vastly as it had become much leaner and is simply delicious.

Another breakfast option: corned beef

On its own, Beans Talk Bistro is a good place to eat.  They offer a great selection of meals ranging from rice to breads, desserts, coffee, and blended drinks.  The quality of the food is good and the prices are reasonable.  I really enjoy having my breakfast here.

Great place for afternoon snacks or coffee break


Location is the foremost reason why I always prefer this hotel over the numerous other hotels in the city.  It is located in the middle of Session Road and is walking distance away from Baguio Cathedral, Burnham Park, the public market, and the mall.  It is also surrounded by business establishments, some open 24-hours, so no problem getting that late-night snack.

Location of City Center Hotel


Despite having a room without a view, I’d still return to City Center Hotel.  Their excellent location, good rooms, complimentary breakfast and Wi-Fi, and very reasonable rates keep me coming back.  Their staff at the front desk were also very friendly so we always feel welcome whenever we return to our room.  City Center Hotel is still one of my favorite hotels in Baguio City!

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