Strawberry Chronicles: City Center Hotel Review

City Center Hotel is one of the newest and most modern hotels in Baguio City.  It served as our home in the city for three days during our recent trip, and here are my thoughts on this hotel.

City Center Hotel

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Whenever I travel, location is usually my top consideration.  You may have a five-star hotel accommodation but if it’s located quite far from the center of your activities, then it is quite a hassle.  City Center Hotel lies conveniently along Session Road which is one of the main thoroughfares of Baguio City.  Pretty much every public transportation going around the city lies within a few hundred meter radius of Session Road so getting around from the hotel is pretty easy.  This is not to mention that a lot of the city’s attraction are also just within walking distance of the hotel.  Location: couldn’t get any better!

That’s Session Road just outside our window

Cost is another major consideration for a hotel.  From my experience, you usually get your money’s worth but the most expensive ones don’t necessary mean “the best” ones.  Much to our surprise, City Center actually provides the best rate among the hotels along Session Road!  Overnight room rates (as of November, 2013) start at ₱2,100 for a standard room good for two, while a family room goes for ₱3,200.  I don’t have any information on the capacity of the family room and its inclusions but the standard room rates come with free breakfast for two at their very own bistro, Beans Talk.

Beans Talk

Finally, the quality of the room makes or breaks the decision in picking a hotel.  You may have the best price and good location but if the room is not decent or secure, you may find it difficult to stay.  Being one of the newest and most modern hotel in the city, City Center Hotel’s standard rooms are more than just decent—they’re very good!  The rooms are quite spacious and comes with either a twin or a queen-sized bed.  It has more than an ample-sized LCD TV with cable, air conditioning (which was of no use during our stay as night temperatures were always below 19°c), at least six (6) power outlets (two in the lavatory, two at the side table, and two between the twin beds), comfortable beds, and most of all, a very, very nice bathroom!  Hot water is available on the tap and showers, and toiletries such as towels, soaps, and shampoos are also provided.  Free Wi-Fi is also available both in the rooms and in the café.

The twin beds of our standard room: easily movable in case you want to combine them for a wider bed
The much more than decent lavatory
The very nice shower with hot water that’s requisite with the cool Baguio weather

Complimentary Breakfast

Complimentary breakfast are never part of my hotel decision-making but nonetheless they do add (or subtract) merits to the hotel.  And in keeping with the overall pleasant image of the hotel, their breakfast selection is also good.  Options include longganisa, corned beef, tocino, bangus, French toast, and Intercontinental.  We had the chance to try four of the selections, and while their serving size is decent at best, the taste is great.  I enjoyed everything that we had except for the longganisa which had more fat than I’m used to, but it was not bad nonetheless.  Breakfast is served from 7AM to 10AM.

Our first breakfast in the hotel: tocino and corned beef
The not-so-lean longganisa
French toast

Overall, City Center Hotel is my best pick for hotels in Baguio.  It just has everything I’m looking for: excellent location, excellent room, and best price!  Add to that their very friendly and accommodating staff which actually let us check in early without extra charge!  I highly recommend it and would most likely be my home for future visits to Baguio City.

City Center Hotel is located at 45 Session Road corner Mabini St., Baguio City.  For more information you may visit their website at or their Facebook page.

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