Palawan Chronicles: Exploring Apulit Island, El Nido Resorts

Since we only have three days to spend, we spared no time and quickly got involved in one of the many activities on the island practically the moment we checked in.  Here’s what we did the rest of our first day.

Welcome to Apulit Island, El Nido Resorts, Palawan!

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Our first glimpse of the water cottages.
We were given these necklaces upon our arrival.
A section of the beach near the main amenity area where you can play volleyball.
I guess I was too hungry and excited to eat that I can’t get my shot focused!
This is a Mongolian barbecue that I picked, among other things I tried.
One of the many spectacular views that we have while eating.

For some reason, it took some time before we were able to get our room so we really enjoyed our lunch buffet.  And once in our room, I almost didn’t want to leave!  Not sure if it was because I was just tired from our travel, the summer heat, or simply that our room was very cozy.

One of these water cottages is our home for the next few days.
Inside our room.
The toilet and shower.
Our veranda with a very nice view…
…Perfect for just spending the lazy afternoon.

Panoramic view from our veranda (in 4K!)

Later that afternoon, we decided to do our first island activity and ironically, it’s not in the water.  We joined one of the scheduled daily activity on the island, trekking.  I thought it’s a great way to know more about the island that would be our home for three days.

The meeting place for this activity is under this grand balete tree.
I was wearing my Mizuno Wave Rider 20 for this adventure.

As small as Apulit Island is, who would’ve thought that trekking it would be a challenge?  In fact, ropes were installed for the majority of the trails!  Not only do you need to mind where you’re steeping and grabbing, you also need to watch your head in a lot of places because of protruding rocks.  But it’s definitely worth the effort when we reached the top.

I was thinking trekking like in a trail run, not like a climb…
My heart rate surely was elevated (as my Fitbit Charge 2 can attest) while we ascended…
Are we there yet?
Finally reached the summit of the trails!

Our descend took us to the other side of the island which gave us the opportunity to see the loft-type water cottages for families.  But as we were drenched in our sweat, we figured it’s now time to take in some vitamin sea!  We headed straight to our rooms, changed into our swim clothes, and got back to the beach and did kayaking until our arms tire.

At the beach on the other side of the island.
This concrete pathway leads either back to our room or the other beach.
A view from a different side of the island.
The loft-type water cottages for families and big groups.
Unlimited free kayak!  Dream finally come true!
My workout for the day: dragging back a kayak to the beach.
Sun slowly saying good bye over Apulit Island.

We then headed back into dry land but stayed wet as we frolic on the really nice pool for the rest of the afternoon.  This gave me some opportunity to do some laps.

Laps on the pool?  Yes, please!
View from the pool.
Hello, neighbors!
Getting ourselves some rest and opportunity to tidy up.
View of the beach and the amenity area where we had lunch.

It was early evening when we went out of our room and it’s primarily to have dinner.  It’s apparently a special Friday night as our dinner buffet were served on the beach.  Some of the staff were also there to serenade us while we eat.  Listening to how they sing will really convince you that Filipinos are naturally gifted when it comes to music!

A school of fish decided to “park” near our water cottage.
We passed by the pool on our way back to the amenity area for dinner.
Turns out our dinner would be at the beach which I thought was delightful!
From the bell boys to the chef, the staff of Apulit Island, El Nido Resorts showed their talents in music as we enjoy the dinner buffet on the beach.  This is the life!
An hour or so later, it’s time to slowly head back to our room…

We didn’t really stay that long at the beach that night.  I guess all the travelling and activities we did for the day was taking a toll on us.  But since I did have my new lens to play with, I experimented with some astrophotography before I call it a day.

The balete tree looks so romantic with the lights on…
I was trying to take a photo of the Milky Way but it wasn’t as dark as I had thought and it was cloudy.
…But I was able to get this shot of the moon which I’ll use to close this post.

* * *

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