More than just signaling another start of Earth’s revolution around the sun, the New Year for me is a time for renewal.  Continue doing what works, stop doing what does not, and start doing what you should!

But in order to do that, you should look in retrospect the year that passed.  You have to know where you are, and you need to define where you want to go.  I am fortunate that I may not have a daily diary, but made it a necessity to document the interesting events in my life in this blog event if it’s only of interest to one or two other people other than myself.  This makes recalling occasions in my life going as far back as nine years ago as easy as doing a google search.  And looking back brings back a lot of emotions, from highs to lows, and everything in between.

So now, I guess I’ll continue writing about my adventures, regardless if only I is its only reader.  Maybe one day my grandkids would stumble upon these and realize that I was once young and active.  I would also keep promoting local events, particularly running and related ones as I really believe that we were all designed to move and we’d break if we lived a sedentary life.

On the other side of the fence, I’d stop doing things just to please others.  It may be writing or posting something just to solicit likes or hits, or merely ignoring the elephant in the room.  Doing something for everybody else but yourself is kind of moot, and staying silent for things that are wrong does not help fix it.  Besides, someone will react negatively to anything you do, regardless of what you do, so might as well do the right thing!

And this year, I’d start removing the psychological borders that I impose myself.  It’s much easier said than done because it also meant facing my fears and going beyond my comfort zone.  It’s scary, but it’s also exciting, and who knows, it may lead to something big!

As for this blog, I’ll be embracing the theme, “running is just the start”—just as running got me started to doing activities I never even imagined I could ever do!  Just as we evolve over time, so too should this blog.

The year is young and we’re as young as we’ll ever be, so let’s start with a great outlook and positive thoughts!  Cheers to a great year ahead!

* * *

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