Best Nine of 2017

I can’t believe that we are now on the last few days of 2017!  As much as I’d like to say that this year flew by quickly, I also realized that a lot of things also happened that seemed like so long ago.  And there are nine experiences that made this year very memorable for me.

My Highlights of 2017.

Century Tuna Ironman 70.3 Subic Bay Philippines

I still have not crossed that boundary yet, but I unlocked a new achievement during this exciting weekend!  I’m referring to this event’s audacious precursor, the Century Tuna Underpants Run, where I ran, for the first time, I just my underwear!  It took a lot of guts for me but I think if you’re doing triathlon you should embrace the idea of being seen in your skimpy swimwear!


The trip I didn’t thought I’d enjoy, but eventually ending up with Bangkok becoming one of my favorite cities in the world!  In a lot of ways, there’s so much similarity with Manila, while at the same time it’s worlds apart!

First Million

This blog reached a great milestone this year by registering its first one million hits!  It took almost nine years to achieve and I’m grateful that after nine years, this blog is still alive and have your support.

Thank you for the love!

Baguio City

Still one of my favorite cities in the Philippines, I always welcome the opportunity to go back to Baguio City.  The high elevation, cool weather, great food, faster travel, and more—so many reasons to love this city.

The night market of Baguio City.

Salomon X-Trail Run Pilipinas

My first and only trail running event this year, Salomon X-Trail Run Pilipinas was quite memorable for me for the interesting things that happened inside the trails.  I love trails and I love that I got to return to trail running even just once this year!

Candid shot of me at the trails during the race.

Apulit Island, El Nido Resorts, Palawan

The best island in the world.  Need I say more?  Even if that moniker was probably bestowed just to the main island, the islands that surround it is just as enchanting.  In my case, I got so much more than a dream getaway when I spent three days in an island off the town of Taytay called Apulit, part of El Nido Resorts.  It’s paradise!

There’s beauty under and over the sea! Run Fest

I always look forward to the Run Fest event of as it often serves as my reunion with old friends from the running community.  This year, I also had the opportunity to give back to the running community by serving as a pacer for the half-marathon distance.

Pacers having fun!

Powerman Philippines

I’ve been covering running and triathlon events, but for the first time ever, I covered a duathlon event this year!  And not just any duathlon, it’s the Asian Championships of Powerman!  Somehow, the universe is telling me to add a new sport… or two!

The gun start of Powerman Philippines 2017 held at Clark.


Just as the year was coming to a close, I got to experience another epic trip right on my birth month!  It’s a trip that brought me to three different states in the US, three different time zones, my first snow in years, and more!  There’s just so many stories to tell and not enough time that I’ve only managed to post barely the first week of this adventure!

My first live NBA game: Utah Jazz v Houston Rockets at Toyota Center, Houston.
Space Center Houston.

* * *

Overall, 2017 is a great year for me.  It had given me so much more than I had expected or imagined!  It may have seen some of my least mileage in terms of running, but it definitely saw some of the most miles traveled either on foot, wheels, or even wings!  And as this year comes to a close, I would like to thank everyone who’s been with me, through thick and thin, for being part of my journey!  That includes the people and organizations that still do support my blog even if it’s seen better days.

To you who’s reading this now, thank you for being here and may you have a great new year ahead!  Stay healthy, stay happy!

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