Apple Chronicles: California-Bound

After spending the week, it’s time to move onto my next business destination, California.  This would be my first domestic flight in a foreign country in over eight years!  It’s a lot less glamorous though than my earlier flights as I went on economy class.

Time to say goodbye to my home for the past week, Hyatt Regency Houston.

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For the first time since arriving in the US, that Saturday felt stress-free.  There’s really nothing I needed to worry about—just my impending flight which was on the early afternoon so I need not even wake up early for that.  I woke up just to catch my breakfast buffet and I still had time after to double-check if everything was in order.

Took my time to enjoy my last breakfast in Houston.

Eventually, I was back to the airport where I was at a week ago—at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).  This time though, I was at the domestic terminal and on a different airline, United.  And when I got to our gate, I was impressed!

Entering the area of United Airlines.
There are a lot of excellent stores just in this wing alone!
They also have a train here that connects the terminals.

The domestic terminal area of United Airlines is, personally, more impressive than many international terminals I’ve seen.  It’s very clean, spacious, and above all, very modern.  There’s an iPad for every available seat in the area!  And they’re not just for entertainment—all the offerings of all the restaurants in the terminal are in there so you can place your order there, swipe your card at the terminal right beside the iPad (or use your flyer miles) to pay, and wait for your order to arrive.  And that’s exactly what I did when I got my last meal before boarding.

Look at how spacious this terminal is!
Aside from having a lot of seats, each seat has an iPad in front of it.
Placed my order here and got to play some games while waiting (and ranked 7th on this location!).
Got something healthier before boarding.

Going back to economy after flying business class feels really daunting.  From having the aisle conveniently right beside me, it became two seats away on economy.  Flight time is about 4½ hours so it’s not exactly short, but it’s short enough that I need not use the toilet.  And I really ensured that I didn’t have to by purposely not drinking anything during the flight.

Good thing that I still have my personal video screen.
IAH as seen from my economy class window seat.
Until next time, Houston!
This is one of the many peculiar sites I’ve seen during our flight across the United States.
Somewhere over Nevada…
Hello, California!

We arrived at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) around 4:45 PM, local time.  Immediately, I noticed that the sun was already setting.  I was expecting to see more sunlight as I “turned back” the clock by going westward, but San Francisco is significantly on a higher latitude than Houston so daylight was shorter.  It was already dark by the time I got out of the airport to head to my hotel.

Taken shortly after landing at SFO.

It wasn’t that late (as per local time) when I arrived at my hotel, but as my body was two hours ahead, I was really exhausted.  But I was also very hungry, having not really eaten anything significant since departing Houston, so once I was checked-in, I got myself a decent meal before calling it a day.

My home for almost the entire week, Hyatt House San Ramon.
I was so tired and hungry I didn’t even bother taking a good shot of my first meal in California!

And I really needed to rest as I had planned something big for my only free day in the Bay Area before work…

4H 24M

* * *

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