Herbalife Nutrition Launches 40th Anniversary Virtual Run

Herbalife Nutrition launched the inaugural Get Moving With Good Nutrition Challenge which centers upon the Herbalife Nutrition 40th Anniversary Virtual Run.  Here are the event particulars:

Herbalife Nutrition 40th Anniversary Virtual Run
November 01-30, 2020

For individual participants, the categories available are 40K, 24K, and 4K, while the team category has 100K, 80K, 60K, 40K, and 24K.  You can sign up for the event by purchasing a registration kit by October 31, 2020, which includes your entry code.  The virtual run is from November 01 to 30, 2020 and you may complete your your race in a single run or cumulatively.  Here is the complete timeline of the event:

Here are the recommended apps you may use to track your outdoors runs:

For those using treadmills, you may simply take a photo of the distance covered from the dashboard with a reference to the date of the activity.

* * *

For more information about this event, visit herbalife40virtualrun.com.

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