Tesalate Workout Towel Review

Towels are usually one of the things we don’t think much about when it comes to working out—myself included.  Until I encountered Tesalate’s antimicrobial workout towel.  Here’s my review.

I honestly did not open the packages until I got a decent shot of them! 🤣

I only look for a few things when it comes to workout towels: they have to be absorbent, big enough to cover seat, and small enough to be easily carried.  I didn’t care much if it’s cotton or some other technical material, much less about the color or design.  Before the pandemic, I normally use my workout towel both as a seat cover (to minimize contact with the seat and spare the seat from my sweat) and as something to wipe my sweat.  Of course, I dedicate one side of the towel to the seat and the other to my skin!  And that’s when sometimes “accidents” do happen—sometimes out of haste I pick the towel the wrong way and end up wiping my skin with the wrong side!  When your towel looks almost exactly the same on both sides, it’s bound to happen.  It’s definitely gross but it’s very concerning if it happens now during the pandemic!

A thank you note from the founders of Tesalate in each package I think is a nice gesture.

I encountered Tesalate just as I was preparing myself to return to the gym.  When I first saw that their workout towels are double-sided, I knew immediately that I had found the perfect ones for me.  It just makes a lot of sense—by having distinct designs on either side, you can’t go wrong as to which side you’d use to wipe your face!  That alone instantly puts it way ahead of any towels you can offer me, especially at these times when we’re all concerned about getting viral infections.  But that’s just one its many features that checked the right boxes for me.

It just so happens that Tesalate’s workout towels are the exact same size as my former favorite towel!  At 100 cm × 45 cm (39.37″ × 17.72″), it is more than enough to cover typical equipment seats or benches, big enough to wrap around myself, yet small enough to be very portable.  And compared to my similarly-sized cotton towel, Tesalate’s are lighter and more compact.

Even the branding is part of the print so everything is consistent. Shown here is the “In The Zone” design.

I’d be lying if I say that the designs didn’t add to the reasons why I love the Tesalate workout towel!  With so many great designs to choose from (in fact, I think all of their designs are great!), it took me some time to decide which ones to pick!  Take a look for yourself.  And it’s great that the colors are not painted on—no areas to avoid because of sharp paint edges or embroidery.

Looks aside, being quick drying is a lot of help too.  While I didn’t exactly time how fast it dries, my not-so-scientific observation puts it at par with microfibers and similar quick drying fabrics.  As someone who has cotton as the majority of his towels, I’m no stranger to smelly towels normally resulting from being soaked too long in sweat during commute from gym to home.  And I like that the fabric does not feel weird on my skin too, unlike some microfiber towels.

Finally, being antimicrobial makes me feel more secure in using it in the gym over any other workout towels.  As Tesalate puts it, “Antimicrobial means they are effective against not just bacteria but also the growth of fungi including mold, mildew and algae.”  It gives you a bit of an extra assurance that you’re not breeding the things that it got in contact with in the gym.

Another well-thought idea is putting a dedicated loop on the side of the towel so that it’s more secure—no more finding your towels slipping onto the floor! This design is called “The Alchemist.”

If it’s not obvious enough yet, Tesalate workout towels are now my new favorite and it’s become my workout staple.  And I do stand by my statement that Tesalate workout towels are the perfect workout towels for me as it checks all the right boxes for me, both in the want and need department.  It’s like they read my mind!  It may cost more than your usual towel (which is the only disadvantage I can think of at the moment), but you’re definitely getting much more than the usual towel.  And because of all the reasons I mentioned already, I think it’s worth every penny for the great quality you’re getting.  Tesalate is confident that you’d love their product that they offer free returns if you don’t—so that you don’t have to take my word for it.

I keep myself on the colorful side and delegate the other side to the seats and benches. It’s like having a “shield” against the nasty stuff on the surfaces that you’d be in contact with.

Tesalate workout towels originate from Australia and shipping is already included in the price.  If you’re in the Philippines and are concerned about extra import taxes, Tesalate delivered my towels via DHL so it went directly to my doorsteps with no additional charges.  It also arrived in just a few days and I was able to track it online while it was in transit.  You may check their products at tesalate.com or follow their accounts on Facebook and Instagram for the latest promos.

Special thanks to Tesalate for providing the towels used for this review.  This review is published without prior approval from Tesalate and is based on the honest assessment of the approver.  Runningpinoy.com does not receive additional compensation for positive reviews posted on this site.

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