The Nicest Underpass in Makati—Paseo-Villar

Have you seen the latest and arguably nicest underpass in Makati?  Here are some shots I took when I got the chance to pass by.

The Paseo-Villar underpass on the Ayala Triange side fronting the new building in the area.

The Makati Central Business District is home to the country’s best-looking skyscrapers—as well as underpasses!  I think the CBD qualifies as the underpass capital of the Philippines by having underpasses practically in every intersection of major roads.  Recently, a new one was inaugurated around the corner of Paseo de Roxas and Villar, aptly named, Roxas-Villar.  This new underpass serves to allow pedestrians coming from Villar to easily get across to Ayala Triangle, and vice versa.

The entrance near Villar.
The underpasses within the CBD had renovations these past few years and this is now their typical design.
The inside of the underpass reflects the new design of the underpasses.

For the unfamiliar, two new skyscrapers are being created at that corner of the triangle.  With expected increase in pedestrian traffic, I think it’s a good call to add another underpass along Paseo de Roxas.  This spares the Makati Ave. intersection from bearing all the volume.  It makes it the third underpass in this strip of around 500m long (the other two being the ones at the corners of Ayala Ave. and Sedeño).

What sets it apart though is its Ayala Triangle side which leads to the basement of the new building. By the looks of it, there may be shops here in the future once the building is open.

Unfortunately, just as with all other underpasses in the CBD, there are no wheelchair access in this one but the street-level pedestrian crossing is only about 50m away.

And this is your view upon exiting this side.

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