Runabout BGC (September 2021)

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned.  And sometimes, that’s even better!  That’s how I found myself back inside BGC after a very long time.

I was originally planning to cross the newly opened Kalayaan Bridge on foot last month.  But as it’s still closed to pedestrians at the time, I had to scrap that plan.  Conveniently, I was already at the doorsteps of Bonifacio Global City (BGC) so I decided to just continue my run there.  It officially started at the foot of the extension of the Kalayaan Bridge landing near Uptown.

Uptown, just after the Kalayaan Bridge ramp.

Running on these roads brought back a lot of memories.  These were the roads that I used to run, both in races and casual run sessions.  These were the roads where I felt I had the world to myself as they used to be empty with nothing but grass on them.  These days, hardly any empty lots remain and I barely recognize the surroundings.

There was a loop here somewhere where I used to run when I want to be alone. The building at the center, Grand Hyatt Manila, is currently the tallest and first supertall in the Philippines (318m). It could’ve been higher if not for the height restrictions in the area.
Looking back at this block of glassy buildings.

It was such a challenge to pick which route to take as there’s something new to me just about everywhere I look!  I didn’t have that much time allotted for my run so I can only afford a single pass through BGC.  Still, I ensured that I passed through some of the more familiar and memorable places like Terra 28th and The Fort Strip (probably one of the oldest buildings in BGC).

Terra 28th looking much greener now as the trees grew bigger.
Buildings so close they’re practically staring at each other! I’d probably keep my curtains closed most of the time if I lived here (unless I want to give my neighbors a show 🤣)
The Trion Towers (left) only had two buildings when I was last here.
There are a lot of tall buildings within BGC but only a few are as unique as The Finance Centre (right).

My diversion run within BGC ended at the corner of McKinley Parkway and 5th Ave., but I continued traversing McKinley until I ended my session in EDSA.

My quick run ended here—because stairs! I attempted to run when I got across but scraped the plan when I realized that I have to go through underpasses to cross the street on that side.
Panoramic view of the skyline on the overpass.

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