Behind the Scenes: Powerman Philippines 2017

One of the perks of being a blogger is that you get to witness some world-class sporting events from behind the scenes and even meet the pros up close and personal.  This time around, I’m covering something that is a stranger to me—the world of duathlon via Powerman Philippines 2017.

Lahar Chronicles: Columbia Eco Trail Run Pinatubo Encounter

It was another sleepless race—that’s one of the downsides of having an out of town race.  But it doesn’t matter—what matters is that after two years, I’ll be back onto one of my favorite trail routes of all time: the lahar fields of Mt. Pinatubo!

Boracay (Mis)Adventures: To the Island! (Part 1)

After two long years, finally, I was able to step back into the shores of one of the best beaches in the world, Boracay.  It may seem like an ordinary quick getaway, but adventures seem to follow wherever I go.

runningpinoy’s 2009 Midyear Report

2009 is my first full year of running and with the first half completed its time to have a look back at some of my highlights for the first six months of the year. January The year started with “bi-polar” races: one was well praised and the other went in infamy.  Of course I’m referring…

TNF100: The Chronicles of an Ultra Trail (Part 3) The Prequel

Our TNF100 adventure started much earlier than the usual. We headed off to Clark, Pampanga Friday morning and by lunch time we were already at SM City Clark for final shopping and lunch. Traveling through North Expressway was really fast. This is part of a series ① ② ③ After a hearty lunch and some…

TNF100: The Chronicles of an Ultra Trail (Part 2)

I noticed that the route I’m taking is moving me away from Expo Filipino.  I actually don’t remember the way back to the base camp since it was dark when we left so I just followed where the route lead me to.  I was still seeing race markers along the way so I know I’m…

TNF100: The Chronicles of an Ultra Trail (Part 1)

This is the story of my first ultramarathon trail race, TNF100.  This race combines the excitement and adventure brought about by nature’s trails with the unforgiving distance of an ultramarathon—a lethal combination many are not able to endure.

One Hundred Kilometers: TNF100

Success!  One hundred grueling, agonizing, and body-breaking kilometers conquered!  Congratulations to all my fellow TNF100K solo survivors!  That was definitely one of the most difficult races in all aspects and I’m so proud to be part of such an elite group.  Watch out for my TNF100 story soon as I recover and prepare my story…

Countdown to TNF100

I can’t believe it, the moment of truth is coming, and my excitement is definitely building.  TNF100 Philippines is almost here! Today, Thursday, is my last day at the office for the week.  Because of this I have to finish every task that I have, hastily—all because of this race.  So in a way I…

TNF100 Race Update 2

Last night at ROX TNF100 held its first pre-race briefing for all participants.  This race is being handled by, headed by Coach Rio dela Cruz.  To those who weren’t able to make it here are some of the topics discussed: Mandatory Items These items really are mandatory.  Failure to comply may result in disqualification…