TNF100 Race Update 2

Last night at ROX TNF100 held its first pre-race briefing for all participants.  This race is being handled by, headed by Coach Rio dela Cruz.  To those who weren’t able to make it here are some of the topics discussed:

Mandatory Items
These items really are mandatory.  Failure to comply may result in disqualification from the race, or at least be held from running the trail until compliance.  The recommended items are optional but are of course highly suggested.

Support Group/Items
Support groups are not allowed to enter the trails; as such you have to bring along all your support items.  Since it’s impractical to bring along all your items you may leave a drop bag at AS4 (about 35K away from base camp) and at the base camp itself (a baggage counter is in place, 100K solo/relay participants have a dedicated counter).  You can just have two big bags (one for AS4 and one for base camp) with all the things you’ll need and upon arriving just get the supplies you’ll need.  100K solo is two laps of a 50K course so you’ll pass by AS4 twice.  On the second lap you’ll pass by base camp.

Drop Bags
For your convenience you can submit your drop bags to be brought on AS4 to ROX on May 19, 2009.  You may also do so on May 22, 2009 during the race briefing itself in Holiday Inn.

Race Course
The trail includes river crossing and you’ll definitely get your shoes wet.  And it won’t be just a river crossing since the route runs along the river itself, although the organizers promised that the water wouldn’t be that high (above your ankles at some point).  There would also be sections that will utilize rope assistance (like the bridge area in Batulao last TNF Thrill of the Trail).  The second loop is a slight variation of the first one as there would be a section that would be skipped.

Parking Issues
According to the organizers culprit on parking incidents on past races may not be an “outsider.”  According to Coach Rio himself the perpetrator was registered for these past events.  Unfortunately I didn’t hear of any possible action plans so for those bringing their vehicles you should employ “park at your own risk” mentality.  Better yet park it elsewhere and just bring your necessities on base camp.

Race Marshals
According to the organizers they’d be employing marshals that are themselves hikers, and also locals (as guide in case you get lost).

Aid Stations (AS)
Aid stations would have marshals, first aid kits, and food.

Marshal Points (MP)
There wasn’t any mention of a cutoff period per MP but you have to make sure that you’re logged in each.  You won’t need to wear any loop cords or such items along the trail, logging is enough.

For 10K and 20K the cutoff time is 5 hours.

For the 100K relay/solo you must complete the first lap within 18 hours and the second 30 hours from the start of the race.  This would be implemented on base camp so if on the first lap you arrived at base camp outside 18 hours you (solo) or your partner (relay) would no longer be allowed to run.

The organizers promised that there’d e sufficient markers all along the trail (they even mentioned they even have 80K worth of banderitas) including markers we normally see on road races.  There was no mention if it’s reflectorized and it’s still recommended to bring the race map.

Race Map
The race map provided with the kit is no longer current.  There were slight changes with the route due to the rains in the past few days that eroded some trails.  The organizers promised to post the updated race map tomorrow, Friday.  Hopefully they’d also consider the suggestion of one of the participants for them to issue a laminated copy of the map.


  • Deadline for picking up your race kit is Today, May 14, 2009. Unclaimed kits will be offered to other interested parties.  If you still want to join TNF100 this is your last chance to do so, visit any TNF branch or ROX today and have yourself listed on the waiting list.  You may be like the lucky ones last night who were able to join, impromptu.
  • All 100K participants (solo and relay) are invited for a free dinner briefing on May 22, 2009 at Holiday Inn which would start at 6PM.  100K runners are encouraged to bring the race support items mentioned (mandatory gears), possibly for checkup.

If there are any items I left out that may have been discussed feel free to send your enquiries.  You may also ask TNF at

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  1. jazzrunner says:

    Good luck on your run, Dennis!

    > Thank you Sir Rene! 🙂


  2. runnerforchrist says:

    dennis, nice recap! Hoping to see you in sacobia.

    God bless.

    > Thank you and likewise! This was for some of my friends who weren’t able to attend the briefing.


  3. the meek runner says:

    Thanks for the info!

    > You’re welcome! 🙂


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