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Santé Barley’s Domination Run and the Santé-RUNNEX Running Clinic

In a media conference held last August 09, 2013, Santé Barley launched the Santé Barley Domination Run and also promoted the Santé-RUNNEX Running Clinic.  The launch was headed by their CEO, Mr. Joey Marcelo, and their celebrity endorser Mr. Kim Atienza.

Mr. Kim Atienza, a Santé Barley user, speaking at the launch of the Domination Run

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A Trip to the Chiropractor at InterCare Makati

I have never been to a chiropractor before because honestly, I don’t know what it was exactly for, but when I had the chance to try it out at InterCare (Makati) I didn’t think twice and found out what it was all about.

Kinda look like what I underwent at InterCare Makati (Courtesy InterCare)

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Cecon Advance MultiSport 101 Camp Running Clinic with Coach Jojo Macalintal

Unleash the top-rank runner in you.  MultiSport 101 Camp is on its 6th and final leg of the year.  Join the Cecon Advance MultiSport 101 camp Running Clinic with Coach Jojo Macalintal on September 15, 2012 at Bonifacio High Street Activity Center.  Learn tips and essential drills on running.

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adiNation Philippines (Ortigas Group) Pilot Run

The adiNation of Runners (aNR) Philippines is a running club with a goal to provide members with value-added training and special privileges to train and motivate them to achieve new fitness levels.  Here in Metro Manila aNR is staged initially in four locations: Ayala, Alabang, Ortigas, and Bonifacio High Street.  This program co-presented by

Exclusive privileges:

  • aNR adidas specials
  • aNR running clinics
  • Coaching advice from the running clubs
  • adidas product highlights

The pilot run of the Ortigas Group was held last night in Pearl Drive in front of the University of Asia and the Pacific, headed by Luis (The Gingerbread Report).  Although there wasn’t much publicity about the event there was a good set of runners that joined the event.

Some of the participants of the pilot run with group head Luis (white visor)

Some orientation

The Ortigas Group runs every Wednesday nights (headed by Luis, 7PM onwards) in front of UAP, and Saturday mornings (headed by Rodel “The Argonaut,” 6AM onwards) in front of Tiendesitas and would cover various routes around Ortigas Center.

aNR Ortigas Group in action...

Joining the Group Run is free and you don’t need to be adidas gears to do so.  Just drop by the assembly area before the run starts, fill up the form, and you’re done!  You also get a “passport” that your group head would sign afterwards which you should keep for future runs.  Only one signature per week thought is allowed.

You can sign-up before the start of the run

More pictures from last night’s run can be viewed here via on Facebook.  For more information about aNR Philippines visit or for the regional site visit


The ROX Trail Running Clinic

ROX has a free urban trail running clinic all Saturdays of November, 2009 from 3PM – 5:30PM.   The route starts from ROX and goes though the Fort Bonifacio Army Camp, Fort Bonifacio’s Bike Circuit (Dirt Trail) and back to ROX.   To register sign up at the 3rd level of ROX or email your name and contact number to


A Year Into Running: The Pre-Garmin Era

From a humble 5K start it’s inevitable that you’d seek “higher grounds.”  After disappointment of not being able to join a race because of a gadget requirement I was inspired when I saw the next race headed our way: the adidas King of the Road (KOTR).  Just imagining myself running atop Kalayaan flyover makes me ecstatic so without second thoughts I signed up for my first 10K, my second race ever.  Some think it’s a huge leap since I don’t really run other than in races but if you really put your heart into it, you can.  What’s more motivating was the singlet—it’s one of the best race singlets to date and it’s not any regular singlet—it’s by adidas!  What a way to really encourage you to be a “king of the road.”

The Online Community:

Discovering was a real convenience—suddenly I have a directory of races I can join and even forums that could help me get tips.

My first picture with guys

My first picture with guys

Admittedly I didn’t want to join any online forums then because I was contented with getting the schedules—until announced they’d give away a shirt to a lucky newbie that would register and introduce himself.  A sucker for prizes like I am (and to prove how I’m so unlucky I don’t win in any raffles like these) I joined (and proven once again I’m right—I didn’t win the contest) thus starting my bond with  Little did I know that it would grow to the scale it has now, and how it would be a part of my life, not just online or in running.

With the animated group known as, January 2009, UP Diliman

With the animated group known as, January 11, 2009, UP Diliman

The Birth of runningpinoy

I was really getting hooked on the running fever and as enthusiastic as I am with the new sport I love I wanted to share to fellow newbie runners my experiences hoping that in my little way I could be of help to the community—that was how the idea of blogging occurred.  Being a web developer myself I’m no stranger to the internet, although I had the dilemma on where to host my blog.  Being a digital artist as well I know how to work around digital media, but the one thing that I fall short of creativity was in giving names.  Sure I can set up a website, but what would I name it?

Do you still remember this header?

Do you still remember this header?

I was running out of time (literally) as I really wanted to setup everything before my birthday (November 7) and for some weird twist of fate I just landed on runningpinoy—it has the word running, I am a Pinoy, and its acronym is RP like Republic of the Philippines—perfect!  Best of all it’s not yet taken on blogger and wordpress so I can definitely use it.  To cut the chase I ended up working with wordpress using the template used by the old thebullrunner site (I told you I love that site!) but of course with a banner that I designed myself.  A few days after my birthday, on November 11, 2008 was officially launched.  Thank you to all my early supporters!

Nike Running Clinic

November, 2008.  Nike Philippines launched its running clinic at the PSC Arena (formerly Ultra).  It was the first free running clinic (as far as I know) initiated by a sports brand in the Philippines.  Finally mere mortals were able to have elite coaches to guide them!  This was my first opportunity to run outside of races and also socialize with fellow runners.  And in case you’re wondering Nike Running Clinic is still on-going, Tuesdays at PSC Arena (Ultra) and Fridays at Bonifacio High Street (BHS), 7PM onwards.

One Hundred Kilometers

One of my first proud accomplishments for 2008 was completing 100K of races.  From 5K I was able to reach 10mi (16K)—an achievement for a newbie runner myself but it just goes to show that if you can imagine it, you can.  Stop dreaming and start running!  And this was all in 2008, what I’d like to call the pre-Garmin era!


Last Night at the Nike Run Clinic

Believe it or not, the Nike Run Clinic is still ongoing and is extended indefinitely.  By this time the first batch should’ve finished but by popular demand the clinic is here to stay, so if you just got the running fever and want to join a clinic you may still do so by going to the PSC Arena (formerly Ultra) Tuesday nights or at Nike Bonifacio High Street Friday nights.

Last night was a very unique clinic session.  I only got 1K total but it was one of the most enjoyable sessions of the clinic so far.  The theme: relay.

It was the first time that all participants were able to run together regardless of gender, skill level, age, and all other factors.  We had two “competing” teams, both composed of men and women.  The runners were posted on two points on the oval 200M apart, one for each gender.  The relay starts with the men running to the women’s post and vice versa, each time tapping his/her teammate waiting in his post until everyone in the group was able to run.  The first round was 2 continuous sets but only 1 set for the second round as many were already “complaining.”  It was quite interesting that nobody was complaining when we were doing much longer runs.

This session was great that all were able to do their sprints.  It was a measly 600M run but it was a very fast run for all of us and I really enjoyed it.  As for me I was only able to do a lap for my warm-up so I only managed to run a total of 1K, but at an as-fast-as-I-can pace (less the warm-up of course) so for a change I was able to do some speedwork and for once a GF405 was needless.  There were a lot of interesting new things that we did last night, and I look forward to more sessions like this.  Sessions like this really spice-up the clinic.  Thank you to all the coaches!

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