Nike Run Clinic Session 23

“If you think running is difficult, stop thinking.” I could probably describe last night’s session with this quote.  Just thinking about doing 5x800M with a pace of 3:45/800M ±15 seconds was tiring enough, so I just said to myself, “Just do it!”  (Now I think I understand where Nike got this slogan.)

Together with some pace mates, I skipped the usual warm up easy run—we immediately joined the warm up routines, this time headed by Coach Rio himself.  Curiously there was a video camera covering last night’s session and I’m not certain if it would really be shown on TV as Coach Rio declared (I don’t know if Coach was kidding when he said it would be shown on TV on Saturday).  Thankfully we didn’t do the routines that probably won’t look pleasing on video, but for the first time we did running backwards—like in one of the training videos seen on the Nike Run Clinic website.

After the warm up routines we were segregated into groups: the newbies, intermediate, and the seniors (those that have stood the ages).  About a third of the attendees were newbies—those that just joined quite recently.  The seniors were actually those that have been with the Clinic for a while and those not really aiming for goals that the seniors (or advanced group) set were just grouped as intermediate.  Only a difference of 1-lap (and a surprise 5-lap run) separates the intermediate from the advanced group.

The intermediate group did 4x800M while the advanced did 5x800M (800M is 2-laps).  Our target time as I mentioned earlier was 3:45/800M ±15 seconds but since our group included running addicts our pace was considerably faster, especially during the first few rounds:

Round Time

*approximately, I wasn’t able to record our time due to some “technical problems.”

We thought that after 5-rounds our activities are through so we took our time doing a lap of cool down walk but Coach Rio said we still have one task to do—surprise, surprise!  We’re not done yet.  A 2K (5-lap) run with a pace of 5:00-5:15/km (target time of about 10:00-10:30) completed our list of activities.  Some in our group went way beyond the target time (8:30) while me and my pace mate finished at 9:52.

Total activity run: 6K

All groups were merged for the core exercises and stretching routines to end the session. Because of the lesser number of routines we had to do we actually finished the session at 8:55PM, a record.

Expect the coming sessions to be more intense. Personally I think it’s better not to know what’s in store for the next session: not thinking about it shuns the chance of skipping a session because of fear or laziness. Don’t think about it, just do it!

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  1. cathydaza says:

    What? Ave. of 3:45 min for 800m? Yay, my fastest last night was 4:08/ 800m and the succeeding sets were like 4:20- 4:30 mins (!). OHMY! No wonder I was at the back of the pack, hahaha!

    > As you can see in the chart we didn’t even touch that “limit.” The running addicts make good pace makers so we kept good times, consciously slowing down a little on succeeding rounds for us slowpokes. But it the last round and final 2K it’s every man for his own to our times varied greatly. I just maintained what was a good pace for me. Maybe next time you can set the pace for your group so you won’t have to slow down 🙂


  2. i2runner says:

    Dennis, I think you run so fast for your 400m intervals and you have run 21Kms already so you already have good endurance. But from what you have just posted, it looks like you lack the strength in between. Those distances. I suspect you may have a low lactate threshold. You can improve by concentrating on the 800m intervals or tempo runs. Then you can watch your 10K PR’s fall…

    > Yes I think you’re right. Having low body fat and increasing my muscle mass isn’t really helping but then again that’s what the Clinic is for. We just started on 800M intervals so there’s still room for improvement. And that’s why I’m gonna ask you for more advice! 🙂


  3. Wayne says:

    Dennis, the Nike Run Clinic is working well for you and Coach Rio is doing a tremendous job in running it.

    Definitely, I see a lot of progress in the Phils with the different groups. Running is alive and well. Please take care.

    > Yes the Clinic does help a lot especially to relatively newcomers in the sport like myself. Nike’s just one of the better Clinics here and their initiative is being picked up by other companies. Indeed running is in a healthy state now!

    Run safe! Thanks for visiting Wayne! 🙂


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