Another Über Busy and Exciting Weekend

Three runs in three days—that’s the plan.  The first of three would be tomorrow night at the Nike Run Clinic (Session 06) at Bonifacio High Street, a distance of at least 9K.  This would be followed on Saturday by a 5K run at Nokia Recycle Your Phone and Run, also at Bonifacio Global City, and to close the trilogy of runs would be my longest run so far: Yakult 10-Miler.

If everything goes accordingly this would be my first “full” session of the Nike Run Clinic at the Fort.  I missed last session because of an injury and hopefully everything goes well.  The good thing about the race that follows it, the Nokia run, is that it starts later than the usual time, 7AM to be specific, so we have a bit more time to sleep.  The most exciting day of this weekend for me, Sunday, would be venturing into the unknown as I get to test whether my body is ready to go “beyond 10K.”

Finally, the most exciting part of the day, at least for many Filipinos, would be this:

One of the most anticipated fight of Manny Pacquiao’s career: Give Us This Day (Courtesy Nike Philippines)

I guess many runners joining the events this Sunday would be rushing back to their homes or wherever to watch this most anticipated matchup.  I know I will.  Have you already picked a side to cheer on?

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