Last Night at the Nike Run Clinic

Believe it or not, the Nike Run Clinic is still ongoing and is extended indefinitely.  By this time the first batch should’ve finished but by popular demand the clinic is here to stay, so if you just got the running fever and want to join a clinic you may still do so by going to the PSC Arena (formerly Ultra) Tuesday nights or at Nike Bonifacio High Street Friday nights.

Last night was a very unique clinic session.  I only got 1K total but it was one of the most enjoyable sessions of the clinic so far.  The theme: relay.

It was the first time that all participants were able to run together regardless of gender, skill level, age, and all other factors.  We had two “competing” teams, both composed of men and women.  The runners were posted on two points on the oval 200M apart, one for each gender.  The relay starts with the men running to the women’s post and vice versa, each time tapping his/her teammate waiting in his post until everyone in the group was able to run.  The first round was 2 continuous sets but only 1 set for the second round as many were already “complaining.”  It was quite interesting that nobody was complaining when we were doing much longer runs.

This session was great that all were able to do their sprints.  It was a measly 600M run but it was a very fast run for all of us and I really enjoyed it.  As for me I was only able to do a lap for my warm-up so I only managed to run a total of 1K, but at an as-fast-as-I-can pace (less the warm-up of course) so for a change I was able to do some speedwork and for once a GF405 was needless.  There were a lot of interesting new things that we did last night, and I look forward to more sessions like this.  Sessions like this really spice-up the clinic.  Thank you to all the coaches!

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