Shoe Review: FILA Skele-toes Glide

FILA recently joined the trend of having “foot gloves” with their Skele-toes line and I’m glad to be one of the early adopters of one of their latest models, the Glide.  Here are my thoughts.

Two of My Toes, Missing!

Oh no! I don’t know what happened, but I suddenly found that two of my toes are missing!  See:

The Perfect Night Run Buddy: FILA Light Laces

Isn’t technology amazing?  At first I thought it was just a set of light laces, but when I saw this video, it’s actually laces that light up! The FILA Light Lace has a SRP of ₱500 but if you’re willing to wait by October 01, 2011, you can pre-purchase it now with a shoe worth…