The Earliest Halloween Party Yet: adobo Run 2012

It’s still more than a week before Halloween but the earliest party of the season, adobo Run 3, had already concluded last Saturday night at the grounds of SM Mall of Asia.

The program had already started even before the 5K gun start

And as I expected, it really was too early to be in the mood for Halloween!  There was hardly anyone in costumes, but in fairness most were wearing the event singlet.  And because there were only a handful of people in costumes, I wasn’t motivated to wear mine and just opted to wear the usual running attire.

A fiery dance number indeed 🙂

Because the event had turned into a “regular” running event, I had actually thought of just skipping the race.  Thank goodness I didn’t because my most recent pair would not have had its race debut, and it turned out to be good to turn my mood around despite being “just” a 5K.

Making its race debut: FILA Skele-toes Glide

The race route was modified from the originally posted one.  Early in the 5K race, it was a challenge for those already on the route (10K and 15K runners) as the 5K runners had crowded the route.  The other legs are using the same 5K route but in loops so many runners are still in the route when we started.  There weren’t that many cones to separate the lanes of the route so there were times that one side has less room than the other because of the volume of runners.  There were two hydration stations along the 5K route serving both water and sports drinks.

Timing chips were used for this race

The race overall was good and well attended.  It was a bit crowded at times but it wasn’t chaotic.  There was even a medal for all finishers of all distances!  That’s aside from the loot bags, free flowing beer, live concert, and fireworks display that really made that area of SM Mall of Asia quite festive as if Halloween had arrived.  Too bad though that it really was too early for most runners to be in the Halloween mood and don their costumes.

My 5K finisher’s medal 🙂

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