Running about in Metro Manila’s Roads: Cramming for RU2

Time flies when you’re having fun, and also when you’re quite busy.  Being a one man team at work made me forgot all about the rest of the world and before I noticed it, it was just a week before it’s time for my first 32K of the year, Run United 2 (due this Sunday!).

Weekend with Zonta’s RAT Race

Have you ever heard of a “registered bandit?”  I guess that’s the closest words I could use to describe how my weekend went. It all started with waking up later than planned—a race really wasn’t in my radar until two days before the race day so naturally my body was expecting a tranquil weekend.  I’m not…

Rogin-E Last Man Running: My Perspective

Last Sunday, February 20, 2011, Rogin-E Last Man Running was held in McKinley Hill which was definitely a first of its kind race in the Philippines.  It combined the endurance requirement of an ultramarathon but at the same time speed as with much shorter races.  It was a really challenging event that I would’ve loved to…

Adobo for Halloween

At long last, the fun of Halloween was brought back to runners with a Halloween night run, thanks to Adobo Run.  This would be my VFF Sprint’s first race, and one of the most fun!

Pumpkin Adobo?

Could you imagine mixing pumpkin with adobo?  Something like that is cooking this October, and if you think it’s gross, you’re in for quite a surprise.

Featured Race: VSO-PNA Kabahagi Run 2010

VSO Bahaginan, in its efforts to raise funds for its programs in the areas of disability work, secure livelihoods, peace building, youth volunteering and community exchange, and in partnership with the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA), will be holding the VSO-PNA Kabahagi Run 2010 at McKinley Hill, Taguig on April 25, Sunday which will have 3K,…