The Earth Run Weekend

The recently concluded Earth Run proved to be deliverance for Advertising and Events from their “not-so-good” previous race as they had not only a great venue and route, but also a very fun event.

The Good

As I previously mentioned the race had an excellent route for 3K, 5K, and 16K.  I guess you can’t go wrong with McKinley Hill.  There were also a lot of prizes: medals for top 10 in all categories, finisher’s shirt for the top 100 for each category finishers, a loot bag with product samples from sponsors, a certificate, and lots of other raffled prizes.  There were also plenty of water stations along the route.  Overall the program was fun helped a lot by the excellent hosts of the program.  This race was for the benefit of Green Peace.

My loot bag

The Bad

3K, 5K, and 16K started all at the same time!  This resulted in heavy human traffic in the start area.  That coupled with the early uphill made for quite a slow start. The water cups on the stations also caused a little issue as these cups were ridiculously small—just enough for one gulp!  You may even think these were disposable shot glasses so you really have to take two or more if you’re really thirsty.  For a run with “Earth” in its title that wasn’t very earth-friendly.

Overall aside from the hiccups of race start and the water cups issue the race was good.  I’ve only seen quite a handful of races with good programs while the rest are waiting for long distance finishers and this was one of them.  Congrats to the organizers and the hosts for doing a great job of keeping us entertained to stay until the awarding ceremonies.

Post race pictures.  Can you see my TNF100 souvenir tan line?
Post race pictures. Can you see my TNF100 souvenir tan line?

In the Presence of Medaled Runners

The runners are starting to earn respect from the community as the team managed to have 3 runner-placers: Wilnar, 10th place for Men’s 5K, and Pepsi and Doc Pink, 10th and 5th place respectively for Women’s 5K.  Congratulations!

Top 10 Placer’s Medal
Top 10 Placer’s Medal

2 Comments Add yours

  1. antonina saraza camaclang says:

    where can we find the list of the runners if any, and what time each of us finished?

    > As of press time the race results have not been published yet. Visit the organizers’ website at where the results would be published.


  2. Wayne says:

    Hi Dennis. Congratulations once again. The runners in the Phils amaze me week in and week out. Last week, the TNF 100 and this week, Earth Run. Yes, is for real. That’s good which means more teams and more competition.

    Please take care and have a good week ahead!

    > Thank you Wayne! Hopefully all these activities eventually lead to better quality races like what you enjoy there in the US. Hope you had a great weekend as well!


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