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Best Nine of 2017

I can’t believe that we are now on the last few days of 2017!  As much as I’d like to say that this year flew by quickly, I also realized that a lot of things also happened that seemed like so long ago.  And there are nine experiences that made this year very memorable for me.

My Highlights of 2017.

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17 Run Fest 2017 Pacer Recap

I’m back once again for another pacer duty, this time with the 21K leg of Run Fest 2017.  Here’s my recap of one of the most festive running events of the year.

At the 21K starting line, moments before gun start.

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17 Run Fest 2017 Race Results and Photos

The official race results of the recently concluded Run Fest 2017 is now available online.  You may view the results here and you may view the links to the event photos here.


Taken after our 21K pacing duty

To all the finishers, Congratulations! 😀

You may read my recap of this event here.


A Perfect 10 (Miles)

It’s the New Year and what better way to jumpstart the year than with a run?  And what’s great is that I got to start it with’s event, running the 10-mile leg.  Here’s my story of this delightful race.

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14 20-Miler 2015

The first 20-mile race for 2015, 20 Miler 2015, is now open for early registration.  You may say it’s too early to sign-up for a race in January but one of the perks of doing so is to have personalized race bibs.  Here are the event details:

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13 Runfest: Happiness Runfest is one of the races that I always look forward to each year for sentimental reasons.  I always think of it as “pioneer” group’s annual reunion, back from the days when race registration cost ₱250 and a big race does not exceed thousand runners. Runfest 2013 21K Finisher’s Medal

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A Night to Remember: Nightfest

It was one of those oh so rare Saturday night events that I dare not miss—I can have my long sleep after a Friday nightlife, be reunited once again with friends I missed for so long, and be able to run on a new place.  Nothing beats the charm of running in a new place, and I’ve always loved to run at night!  Those were enough reasons for me to travel all the way down to the southern end of the Metro—Alabang, to join’s first nightfest.

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