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Product Review: Unilab Active Health Sports Gel

(Update: This product has been discontinued) To those running long distances (usually half marathons or longer) energy gels serve as a very convenient source of nutrition: they don’t spoil easily, comes in a minimal packaging, and provide an energy boost without needing to chew.  All brands available in the local market is imported, until now, as Unilab introduced the first Philippine-made energy gel simply known as Active Health Sports Gel.

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Top Five Most Recommended Races in the Philippines

The Philippines, particularly Metro Manila, is just a haven for races as there’s always at least one practically every weekend.  But amongst all of these races, there are some that stood out, and here are five that I highly recommend.

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The Longest Way From Beijing to Ürümqi

While my fingers were busy exploring the vastness of cyberspace last night, I stumbled upon one great adventure of epic proportion by Christoph Rehage: he walked 4,646K through China!

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The Best Ultra-Trail Aid Station I’ve Ever Seen: The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®

Road races in the Philippines are already at par with the world’s best, but ultramarathon trail races are still way behind, especially when it comes to Aid Stations, and especially if you compare it with this one at around km 21 of The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® – Saint Gervais, Les Contanimes and Notre Dame:

This race is definitely one for my bucket list! 😀


The Tales from the Valley Trail (Challenge)

I’ve ran onto the routes of Nuvali before, both on and off-road, and honestly I find it a bit boring especially when compared to natural trails of the mountains—until Valley Trail came along!  It was a race with a lot of firsts, including my first DNF!

Scene from the Valley Trail Challenge

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frontRUNNER Events: Trails and Ultras

frontRUNNER Magazine will be having several events on trails and in Cebu, from 5K all the way to 100K.  Here’s their event lineup:

The Valley Trail Challenge Thrill Run

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40.5 Mile Robot Ultramarathoner

Can you walk 40.5 miles in 30 hours?  Well, this robot can!

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