Nike Running Clinic Week 2

Tomorrow starts the second week of the running clinic and based on the clinic schedule, tomorrow night’s activities are going to be more serious (you ain’t seen anything yet):

24 Rest
25 Nike Run Session

Venue: Ultra, Pasig
Time: 7:00 PM
Program: 3KM Warm-up, Stretching, Drills
Main Set:

  • Beginners/Intermediate:
    • 3x (3x200M), 100M walk recovery between rep and 400M walk recovery between set.
  • Advanced:
    • 4x (3x200M), 100M walk recovery between rep and 400M walk recovery between set.
Cool Down: 800M Slow Jog or Walk, Core, Abs and Stretching

As you can see you should’ve taken this day as a rest period as it’s going to be another one of those sprinting sessions tomorrow.  If you’re planning to go to the gym tonight or tomorrow morning you may want to reconsider and save your strength for the clinic.  I just don’t know if we have to bring our race bibs from the last session as I totally forgot where I placed mine!  Oh well, this is just a reminder to those joining the session to find it now just in case it’s still needed, or at least try to recall your number (this is when blogging comes in handy, hehe).  And to those forgetful ones, for goodness sake bring along your running gears!  This is not a session inside the classroom!

I wonder what category I was placed…am I good enough to be advanced (which would be very surprising and could be detrimental to my health hehe) or a beginner as I really am in this sport.  Does anyone know how runners are categorized as such?

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