Feature: Your Guide to Getting Ironman Fit

Hello triathletes!  The first ever full-distance Ironman in the Philippines is less than a month away.  How’s your training going?  Joining this epic event or not, here are some tips for those preparing for their big event.

2017 Mile-A-Day Guide

This year, my running goal is to complete at least 365 miles (587.41 km) of running.  And since it’s so easy to lose track on mileage, I made this guide on how much I should be doing by date in terms of both miles and kilometers.  If your goal is similar to mine, hope this…

Downtime “Training”

It’s inevitable that every once in a while we experience “downtime.”  I’ve been using the pool practically every day lately to help improve my newly acquired swimming skills, and now my body is forcing me to rest.  Anyhow, this downtime gives me a different opportunity to “train.”

RIP:60 Workshop With Tim Church

RIP:60 Master Coach Tim Church held a workshop last Monday, October 14, 2013 at Gold’s Gym Acropolis aimed primarily at athletes and trainers.  I was indeed lucky to have had the opportunity to be instructed by a RIP:60 Master Coach by being part of this workshop.

Preparing Yourself for the 2012 adidas King of the Road

Triathlon coach Ani de Leon-Brown shares her foolproof tips to getting run-ready for the KOTR: With this year’s adidas King of the Road (KOTR) coming up this September 30, it’s time to begin your preparations for the run.

Marathon Training Videos

Are you joining this year’s Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore?  SCMS with Racers’ Toolbox is releasing training videos that may help you prepare for the big day.  Here’s the first of the video series: Week 1: Getting started

Last Night at the Nike Run Clinic

Believe it or not, the Nike Run Clinic is still ongoing and is extended indefinitely.  By this time the first batch should’ve finished but by popular demand the clinic is here to stay, so if you just got the running fever and want to join a clinic you may still do so by going to…

Nike Run Clinic Session 25

Last night was another “Just do it” session, being somewhat similar to the previous session at Ultra.  We thought that it was an “unloading” or recovery session based on what was listed on the Nike Run Clinic site.  We started with some new routines so we thought that it was the course of the session…

Nike Run Clinic Session 23

“If you think running is difficult, stop thinking.” I could probably describe last night’s session with this quote.  Just thinking about doing 5x800M with a pace of 3:45/800M ±15 seconds was tiring enough, so I just said to myself, “Just do it!”  (Now I think I understand where Nike got this slogan.) Together with some…

Nike Run Clinic Session 21

Yes I’m still keeping count of the number of sessions, and we’re more than halfway through the entire Clinic program.  If you’re wondering why my posts skip a session it’s because I usually am not able to join the Friday sessions of the clinic at BHS (traffic going to Fort Bonifacio on Friday nights are…

Nike Run Clinic Session 19

Like the previous session, last night’s session was jam packed!  For some reason the clinic just seemed to double its participants.  Running must really be getting popular!  As usual we started with a 5 lap easy warm-up run around the oval (2K) followed by the routines.  I arrived a bit late (a nasty habit) so…