Pre-Race Dilemma: To Run or Not To Run?

With the Condura Race right around the corner I’m faced with a dilemma: to taper off or to continue running (with ease).

Just last Sunday I did my longest run distance-wise, 22K LSD along Commonwealth Ave.  What complicates my situation was that before this LSD was a lack-luster 3 weeks that only garnered a total of 20K (because of my business trip).  So to summarize my weekend runs for the past 6 weeks were 21K, 21K, 10K, 5K, 5K, and 22K—not exactly an ideal combination of runs for preparing for a half-marathon.

After my 22K last weekend I felt like I should take it easy—I felt like an injury is looming to happen.  But looking at my runs I want to run some more—thus the dilemma I’m having right now.

From what I’ve been reading around a few more runs just days before a race may not really help as much as you want, but the risk of injury (for me) is great.  As much as I want to run some more, I also fear of pushing myself too far and risk injury so close to the race day, and I’ve been anticipating for this race since the first time I’ve heard of it.  What I’d do between now and D-Day is still unknown to me.  For sure, I’ll just do what I always do during races—do my best and pray for an injury-free race.

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  1. forefoot says:

    A sensible dilemma…yet on the safer side of things, LESS IS BEST. Rest and wait for the big day! Mental preparation may just be what you are missing. 🙂

    > Hey Pojie nice of you to drop by! Yes I need also to prepare my mind for the race, not just my body, thanks for reminding me (work seems to be the dominant thought in my mind lately). 🙂


  2. lauren says:

    Easy Dennis! It’s pointless to do all the prepping only to realize that you’re too hurt to race on the big day! Why not cross train muna? =)

    See ya see ya at Condura!

    > Hehe that’s exactly what I’m going to do! Alongside with CLP of course! 🙂


  3. i2runner says:

    Tapering doesn’t mean completely avoiding running. Maybe you can try “jogging” and avoid real “running”.

    > Hehe can’t help it Master Natz, but I’ll be doing some easy “cross-training” to avoid injuries. Thank goodness there’s the H&S Seminar and CLP on Thu & Fri to keep me occupied. 🙂


  4. ronaldrei says:

    asses your situation. definitely, kaya mong tapusin yung 21k. pero ano ba goal mo:
    1. have a pr?
    2. run a race without injuries?
    3. run with a decent time as part of training for a bigger event?
    pag nasagot mo na yan, eto follow up: gaano ka kabilis makarecover?

    im sure pag nasagot mo yang mga tanong na yan, more or less alam mo na sa sarili mo kung anong dapat mong gawin.

    sometimes it’s not about the mileage. sometimes it’s how you feel.

    > Thanks Ronald! It’s back to the gym for me to cross-train. I was concerned of relapsing that’s why I panicked a little but I eventually my goal is to finish injury-free. It’s a good thing a have lots of comrades in battle to give me some points! 🙂


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