Practice What You Preach

It’s quite funny actually, I’m giving advice to other people to taper-off for the Condura Run but last night I’m the first one to break my advice.  As I was writing my previous blog yesterday night I was having a dilemma if I was to continue running or not.  Although it seemed like I was convinced to play safe and stop running, I myself wasn’t completely sold to the idea.

At first I went to Ultra just to talk to Coach Rio about Nike’s sponsorship of my Condura Run (which I got, yay!).  I arrived at the Ultra early so I was tempted to “jog.”  It was a very easy jog so I figured it’s okay.  I also got to talk to some of the coaches and Clinic participants and I quickly got the sentiment that most people joining the race this Sunday (particularly the 21K runners) are quite concerned with injury—thus became the theme of the Nike Clinic session.

Since I was already in the area I was eventually “invited” to join the session (thus deviating me from my “jogging”).  Before I knew it I was sprinting.  Eventually I have to excuse myself from being absorbed too much with the session so after a final 1 mile run I called it a day.  I managed to accumulate 4.1K with this visit to Ultra.

Now that I got that running out of my system, it’s time for me to visit the gym for some “easy” cross-training.  Thank goodness I have the Health & Nutrition Seminar and Carbo-loading Party, all courtesy of, to keep me occupied the rest of the week.

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  1. i2runner says:

    Overall, I think a good taper is just reducing your overall weekly mileage but still maintain the intensity unless you’re injured like me. So if you could sprint, I think there should be no problem, just don’t overdo it.

    Good luck!

    > Thanks Master Natz! Good luck to you as well. Show us how a 21K should be run! 😀


  2. ronaldrei says:

    di kita nakita noong tuesday. may napansin ka bang hinihilot sa left side ng oval? ako yun! hehe! injured din. so bike lang din ako for the week. tapos easy run on sat morning.

    ano yung “sponsorship” ng nike? libre kayo sa condura?

    Hehe di kita napansin… Yes Nike paid for my Condura Run registration (along with others), the bad news is that I might get my race packet on Saturday, just hours before the race.


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