Run 21K, Be On the News


Newspaper that is.  As Condura Run’s 21K SkyWay feat wasn’t great enough, now you get to brag about being part of this historic run.  I got news from that the race result will be published on The Philippine Star courtesy of Vitwater.  This also adds pressure, I mean, motivation, to have “decent” finish times so you won’t be at the bottom of the list, but nonetheless even if you were at the bottom of the list it still has bragging rights attached to it for conquering a half-marathon.  Great boost for running, the sponsor, and the newspaper.  Like many others I’m also wondering if they’d publish your age as well. 🙂

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  1. Roy says:

    Finishing a half marathon isn’t really a small thing right? I don’t think anybody without the training would finish one

    > Yes it’s not “a small thing.” It’s the human spirit that allows us to finish feats like these… I personally know a lot of men and women who finished this race, most of them first time doing half marathon, without training (myself included).


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