First Quarter Summary

It was like yesterday when we celebrated New Year’s and now we’re entering the second quarter of the year.  It had been a very fast three months for me and surprisingly most of my goals for the year are already achieved; add to that a lot of firsts.

2009 Goals

  1. Get a Garmin. This was at the bottom of my list and was actually optional but it was the first one to be completed.  I think of it as a reward after completing 100K race distance last year.
  2. Run not only on weekends but also on weekdays (and log it). Sixth on my list and was also one of the first ones I did.  Not only did I run during weekdays, I also tried it at night and on sub-zero temperatures.  My running logs can be viewed at
  3. Stay injury-free! Well, so far so good.
  4. Set new PRs: 5K (below 20min) 10K (below 50min). With the recently concluded Miracle Run I was able to do a sub-50 minute 10K race.  The 5K PR remains elusive but there’s still time to practice!
  5. Run outside Metro Manila and hopefully abroad on International Races. Ran outside Metro Manila with TNF Thrill of the Trail; ran abroad in Columbus, Ohio; but unfortunately wasn’t able to do an international race so far.
  6. Gain some weight. As of my last measurement I gained 3 pounds.  The challenge here is gaining more and keeping it since I’m starting to run long distances.
  7. Run my first half-marathon. One of my proudest achievements so far via Condura Run—I had to do it under a different name but the experiences I gained are priceless.


  1. Trail run at TNF Thrill of the Trail.
  2. Winter run at Columbus, Ohio.  It was also my first runs abroad.
  3. Runabouts on major roads of Metro Manila (starting with EDSA) and with it first runs beyond 21K.
  4. “Banditting”—a last resort to doing a “dream race.”

Although most of my 2009 goals are achieved I still have a lot of work to do.  Being injury-free and gaining (and keeping) weight is a conscious effort and the sub-20 minute 5K would really need a lot of practice.  It seems that the “easy” part of the list is done; now the real work begins.

“Don’t rest on your laurels.”  We should always strive to be better today than what we were yesterday, and in this case just continue to set new records and get new “firsts.”  Chasing after your goals isn’t easy, and partially fulfilling them is not “good enough.”  And even if you complete your goal it’s not a sign to stop, but instead a sign to take it to the next level.  How about you?  How’s your 2009 goal list doing?

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  1. lauren says:

    This is a really great way of checking on your progress….not only in running!
    I’m sure it was a happy/proud moment to tick stuff off your list! And in many instances, half the fulfillment is in the process of achieving.

    Great post Dennis! Congrats on your success for this quarter!

    > Thank you Lauren! Sometimes we tend to forget what our New Year’s resolution were so checking it back occasionally helps you assess if you’re on track or you need more effort. I hope you’re doing well with your goals as well! 😀


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