34th National MILO® Marathon: Acknowledgments

First, I would like to thank our Almighty Father for allowing me to join and finish this race despite my physical handicaps with a “decent” time to boast and negligible injuries.

Second, I would like to personally thank my takbo.ph family for extending their support not just to me and the members of the family but also to the entire running community as a whole during yesterday’s MILO Marathon Manila Eliminations.  Thank you very much guys! I really appreciate all the efforts you gave, and I’m thankful to see familiar and friendly faces along the route.  The banana, boiled egg, liniments, and the cheers really helped me a lot!  MILO did a great support job but you guys made it excellent!

Finally, I would like to thank MILO, the Race Organizer, and the crew behind the 34th National MILO Marathon headed by Mr. Rudy Biscocho for consistently and continuously raising the standards of local races.  This was my third MILO Marathon Manila experience, my first during the 2008 Finals (10K) and last year’s Eliminations as my debut marathon, so I can safely say that MILO Marathon has gone a long way since then!  Thank you MILO for all these innovations!

To my fellow runners, those that worked hard to finish their respective races with integrity (regardless of the distance), be proud of your achievements!  Congratulations!

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  1. gailcons says:

    loved the emphasis on integrity! 🙂 boiled eggs? that was me! hahahaha! hugz dhenz! super congratulations! mwah!


    1. dhenztm says:

      They thought they can fool us but in the end they only fool themselves (marami daw nandaya, yung isa may first hand witness hehe)

      Di ko na kayo na-enumerate baka may makalimutan ako at magtampo pero LOVE ko kayong lahat! I’m so grateful to all of you guys! Sobra! 😀


  2. kangkOngan says:

    firts time ko sumali sa milo marathon, nkakalungkot lang kasi pagdating sa baggage counter nila ang gulo-gulo,walang systema, para ngang first time din nila sa ganung bagay.i run for 5k and sabi nila sobrang dami daw ng participants for 5k, gandang response db, pero yung kung panu iaccomodate yung mga gamit namin after ng event, yun ang bagsak.tsk!tsk! to the organizers, turuan nyo mga marshalls nyo


    1. dhenztm says:

      Nakita ko nga yung kaguluhan sa baggage counter ng 5K at balita ko may bag pa raw na nakitang nabuksan. Mahigit 20,000 ang 5K runners kaya magulo, kaya lang taun-taon naman maraming sumasali sa 5K kaya dapat nga handa na sila.


  3. digitaldash says:

    congrats on your milo finish, kabsat! 🙂


    1. dhenztm says:

      Thanks Trace! I haven’t had the time to write my marathon story so I posted my thanks first. 😀


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