Committing Suislide! (EAT Danao)

All good things eventually comes to an end, and before finally concluding my Bohol trip a visit to the island’s new adventure playground was in place.  Where else but in EAT Danao?

One of the views you’d see before committing Suislide 🙂

EAT (Extreme/Eco/Educational Adventure Tour) Danao is the finish line of The North Face Thrill of the Trail Bohol, a fitting setting to end a wonderful race.  Yes, that finish line on top of a hill is in EAT Danao.  Of course after crossing that arch “just to get it over with,” it’s only normal to think of cleaning up, and food!  (But mostly it’s about food.)

As sinister as it may sound, the shower areas and canteen were located a few hundred meters away from the finish line so more walking was in place.  After taking that delightful shower I joined friends at the canteen for a post-race buffet (₱250).  Naturally, none of us felt like standing up from our seats so we spent our time chatting.  Then I realized that I’m in Danao!  And I’m running out of time!

The site of the finish line a few hundred meters away, uphill, is also where tickets for the attractions were sold, and if the uphill walk wasn’t enough, the attractions themselves are still further away, and also on higher grounds.  (When will the uphills stop?)

As if we didn’t have enough uphills 🙂

Park Guide: Chances are you won’t be reaching EAT Danao like we did (by foot) so worry not as the uphills are quite manageable especially for “fresh feet.”  Don’t be afraid to get dirty as a common shower area is available.  The shower area is located at the back of the canteen, which is just across the park’s parking area where souvenir shops abound.  However, bring your own toiletries if you want to take a shower.

The river below where more activities are staged

Since there were too many of “us” (race participants) that day in the park we had to queue up before we could “ride.”  Since I was running out of time before we had to return to Tagbilaran City (which is at least two hours away) I only had enough time to commit “Suislide”—EAT Danao’s term for a two-way zip line.  EAT Danao’s Suislide was formerly the longest in the country, and you get to enjoy it twice (forth and back) so zip line lovers like myself is surely bound to have a great time!

After that exhilarating first zip comes more uphill walking (duh) to the second zip line, and of course you have no choice but to do it as it’s the only practical way back (rolling down the ravine and climbing up is also an option :)).

Park Tip: You have the option of having your pictures taken while you’re zipping back!  It only costs P50 per print, and normally they take several pictures of you on your approach so you’ve got choices.  Of course no one’s stopping you from having it all printed!

Approaching the end of line-2 (see my phone still in “recording mode”)

Suislide is just one of the attractions of EAT Danao.  The park’s signature attraction would of course be the dreadful “Plunge.”  You don’t need to think if you’d try this one as if you did, you may not go for it!  (I was telling myself that if I had taken the Plunge right after crossing the finish line I wouldn’t have minded, but since I was rested and fed already when I was in the area, and I had no photographers and support crew around, I was satisfied to just watch with a promise to do it on my return!)

Suislide line-2 cable. On the right side is where the Plunge is staged (see how deep the ravine is?).

Attractions and Rates

Here’s the list of what you may do at the park and their corresponding rates per person:

  • Plunge: ₱700
  • Suislide (zip line, two-way): ₱350; ₱175 on second try
  • Skyride: ₱250 (something like a cable car ride; lasts about 10 minutes)
  • Wall climbing: ₱100
  • River kayaking: ₱200
  • Root climbing with rappelling: ₱400
  • Caving: ₱350
  • Camping: ₱25/night
  • Tent rental (double): ₱200/night
  • Own tent: ₱100/tent/night
Suislide line-2 station 🙂

See the complete activity list from EAT Danao’s website.

EAT Danao is run by the local government so each penny that you spend in the park goes back to the people of Danao.  Tourism is one of the primary sources of income of the province in general so don’t be afraid to spend as your money is livelihood to the people of Bohol.  If you think about it, the park’s rates are quite reasonable.  And just as this sign in the plunge says

You’re not paying for the ride; you’re paying for the experience.
Agree 🙂

Maybe at the back of my mind I intentionally didn’t do all that “attracts” me at the park so I have reasons to return (and of course I will).  I don’t think there’s any park of sort that has all that EAT Danao offer in one place.  And I don’t think one day is enough to full enjoy all that the park offers.

For more information about the activities and adventure packages offered at EAT Danao visit their website at

* * *

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  1. michelle says:

    aw sana natry mo ang PLUNGE the best!!! 🙂 mukha lang nakakatakot pero exciting!! 🙂 hope matry mo na nextime


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