Gift-Giving Guide: 10 Gift Suggestions for Runners

It’s that time of the year again for exchanging gifts and for those who have runner friends and don’t have any idea what best gift to give them, here are my list that I know many runners would like to receive (from the cheaper to the more expensive one):

Running Socks

Unless your recipient is a barefoot fan just about every runner needs one of these, and it’s one of the cheapest and easiest one to give.  What sets these apart from regular socks are the material, which is usually made of technical fabrics that don’t retain liquids when wet.  One can never have enough pairs.

Nike Run Fast socks (Courtesy Nike)

Race Belts

For runners who often join races but don’t want to pin their bibs on their singlets, this is the perfect gift for them.  It’s often difficult to swallow the idea that you’d be punching holes into that precious singlet with a safety pin.

Race belts (Courtesy FuelBelt.com)

Nutritional Supplements

For runners who like to run long, nutritional supplements may be a good idea but figure out first if they do take the product you’d like to give, like energy gels, capsules, candies, powder, etc.  Different runners have different preferences: some prefer science, some prefer natural.

Performance Energy Sampler (Courtesy GU)


For those who often run under the sun visors offer great protection at the same time makes them stylish.  I suggest picking those made of technical fabrics and those that “drain” sweat away from the face.

As you can see visors are my favorite protection against the sun

Hydration Belts

For runners that sweat a lot, or needs to drink a lot.  Figure out if they want or need one, sometimes all they need is a hand-held bottle. 🙂

My old Deuter hydration belt (retired)

Sports Glasses

Some runners prefer sunglasses as their primary protection from the sun.  This may be a bit difficult to pick and prices vary greatly but look for the ones that are lightweight, doesn’t fog, and flexible or doesn’t break easily.

(Courtesy Rudy Project Philippines)

Running Shorts or Compression Tights

Some runners prefer shorts, some prefer tights.  (I prefer both, depending on when I’d run :))  For short lovers, some prefer it long, some prefer it very short.  For those who prefer tights I know they’d love compression tights that looked like superhero costumes, just ask first if that tights is for running or for recovery.  You may also want to consider compression garments that target specific areas of the body only.

Yes I also prefer tights

Spa Vouchers

Who doesn’t love a day at the spa?  Everyone needs a massage every now and then but runners need it more than the average Joe.  Some runners skip this as a tradeoff for their race expenses (myself included) so it may be a good idea to just give them that pleasure.

I already felt relaxed just by looking at this picture 🙂 (Courtesy Dennis Wong / Flickr)


If you know their foot type and preferences this is one of the best gifts you can give a runner.  If they’re not too particular with shoes or are quite adventurous, why not try barefoot-simulating shoes like Vibram Five Fingers?

Vibram Five Fingers Sprint

GPS Watches

Just about every avid runner’s dream gadget, GPS watches are the perfect training device aside from its “cool” factor.  For starters I can suggest Garmin Forerunner® 210, Garmin Forerunner®405 for the average runner, and a Garmin Forerunner 310XT is a must for ultrarunners.

Forerunner® 310XT (Courtesy Garmin)

I hope that this gift-giving guide gave you some idea on what to give your special runner.  These items actually are part of my wish list so I know many runners would agree to many of the items listed here.  Good luck with your shopping and happy holidays!

4 Responses to “Gift-Giving Guide: 10 Gift Suggestions for Runners”

  1. 2010-11-26 at 5:51 PM

    yung pagkakasuot ng visor, eh pArHangG JejEmonS lNg pHoWsszz. nice list!

  2. 3 mgrace
    2010-12-01 at 7:41 PM

    thanks for the idea, I hope someone gives me at least a few of those. hehehhe

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