T-Rio (Three Days with Rio): Photo-shoot, Party, and the Pouring Rain (Day 01)

It was an unprecedented week as for the first time I had three consecutive days of various running-related events, all centered on RunRio!  It’s like a blog-a-thon of sorts which kind of make it hard for me to keep up with all the info and share it with you guys.

With runners, bloggers, and Coach Rio at the RunRio Trilogy 2010 Awards Night (courtesy Marvin Opulencia / zmarvin.multiply.com)

First day: Tuesday, the first day of March, 2011.  What a way to start the month but with a party courtesy of RunRio via the RunRio Trilogy 2010 Awards Night.  We knew beforehand that there’s going to be an awarding ceremony after the trilogy of races, but we never did expect it to be that grand!  The problem was that at that same day and at the same time it starts, another commitment awaited me and some Team Endure members elsewhere—a photo-shoot for a “minimalist footwear” which I won’t mention yet (hint: I’ve already done a review about it) at Pioneer Studios, Mandaluyong City.  It was indeed quite a fun experience for us and I’m excited to see the pictures!

After the shoot we thought that the awards night was already over, but nonetheless we took a chance and went to the venue, Decagon in Silver City, Tiendesitas—just in case it’s still not over yet—and luckily it wasn’t!  Apparently everyone—and I mean everyone—that completed the trilogy was called, one by one, on stage to be awarded their completion medal.  No wonder the party lasted that long!  Too bad we didn’t get to see some of our friends when they got theirs, and too bad I wasn’t able to complete it. 😦

This is the hint 🙂 (courtesy Marvin Opulencia / zmarvin.multiply.com)

There were more awards that were presented that night (based on a friend’s photos of the event) which I’ll gladly share once it’s available.  The ones that we got to watch were the dance number of the Philippine All Stars (yes, the world champion All Stars) and the live rendition of 6 Cycle Mind of RunRio’s new theme song, “Running for Love.”  Yes we arrived late, but the party was so awesome that we still had so much fun!  It was a party and a reunion for me and my running buddies, set with a buffet of food and overflowing drinks!  What more could I ask for?

After stuffing ourselves full and eventually realizing it’s a weeknight, we had to call it a day (or night?).  When we got outdoors we were surprised that it was raining—somehow I didn’t get the memo that summer would be skipped and the rainy season was here.  And by the time I was in Guadalupe area, the rain had turned into a strong downpour!  Despite my best efforts to stay dry, my “minimalist shoes” (which I wore in the photo-shoot and also to the awards night) suffered the most when it got soaked in countless puddles of water.  What a way to end the day.  This was the first of three days I got to see Coach Rio, and there are two more.

* * * * *

Thank you Coach Rio for recognizing the efforts of us non-elite runners!  It was really a surprise that you’d go all out for this event to be an awesome one as a way of giving back to the participants of RunRio’s events.  Congratulations again to your staff for doing yet another great job!  Thank you also to all the sponsors!

To everyone, the RunRio Trilogy 2011 started with Unilab Run United 1 last Sunday, March 05, 2011.  If you’ve seen or knew anyone who’d been in the awards night you’ll know that it’s one remarkable event, and it’s free!  But it’s exclusive to those who had completed the trilogy so make sure not to miss any of its races his year to be invited to the next.  Trust me, the fruits of thy efforts will be worthwhile. 🙂

T-Rio “Trilogy”:

  • Day 01: Photo-shoot, Party, and the Pouring Rain
  • Day 02: The Heritage, the Run, and the Beneficiaries (Globe Run for Home 2011)
  • Day 03: The Establishment of a New King (of the Road)
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    1. KM says:

      keep running for LOVE. I hope i can join the quarterly RunRio Event. Thanks for these people who have the passion to run for a change.

      Thanks for this blog


    2. bearrunner says:

      looks like a great bunch and a great bunch of races that are planned… Excellent concept



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