Don’t you just love it when you break the monotony of your everyday routine?  Well, yesterday wasn’t too far fetched from the usual, but it definitely was unconventional.


My day started with a “freaky MRT Wednesday.”  The MRT station was just so jam-packed that commuters were temporarily halted from entering the station.  It’s a Wednesday!  It’s not even rush hour!  And because of that I was forced to travel downstairs–and take the bus.

It was just my second time riding a bus to work as I usually take the train.  My greatest fear was that I’d be late for work due to the typically slow traffic of EDSA, but fortunately that didn’t happen, and thus I would be able to leave work early.

I had planned to leave work early to have my last run before this Sunday’s race, but alas… some old habits are hard to break from other people so I had to extend to deal with reports my “kids” sent late.  The curse of managing people.

My unconventional route, taken unconventionally with a BlackBerry Curve 3G

Still there was a lot of room for me to squeeze in my highly anticipated run.  It too breaks my usual 2.5K warm-up run towards my gym, and it would be my longest run since Condura Skyway Marathon!  This would be what I call “cramming,” runner-style–trying to have that last minute run so as to have “some” preparation!  If I wasn’t doing a half-marathon this Sunday, I wouldn’t have bothered (Wednesday is normally my gym rest day, so yes that convention was broken), so yeah, you can’t “just” do it.

Half-marathons are actually my least favorite distance as it’s too long as a run, but not even half as “spectacular” as a marathon.  This Sunday’s race would just be my fourth, and even if I intend to use it as an assessment run, I sure would want to finish in a “decent” time.  So even if I should be tapering I simply had to inject at least half the distance.

What’s unconventional about this long run of mine was the route–running alongside the dreaded EDSA from Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City to Trinoma Mall, North Avenue–with all the smog, vehicles, and the number of pedestrians.  Of course I had avoided the main thoroughfare whenever I can by running in parallel roads, but after Cubao it was all EDSA.  And running in Cubao is almost an impossibility.

If not for its obvious health risks, EDSA is actually a very good route as it has all sorts of surfaces, terrain, uphills and downhills, etc.  One uncommon feature along this route is the chance to run up (and down if preferred) the wheelchair ramp of the pedestrian overpass of Quezon Avenue, but I stuck with the stairs going down.

Upon arriving in Trinoma Mall, my finish line, I headed to the gym to have some “sprint workout” (meaning 45 minutes :D) and of course clean up.  I just realized that I had an “unconventional” but lovely day as I was going home aboard a jeepney–something I’ve not done in a very long time!

To cap this unconventional day was a post done in an unconventional way–this post was written completely via WordPress for BlackBerry!  (I sure hope I don’t have some serious grammar flaws!)  This was also done completely while I was lying down, getting ready to sleep 🙂

Thank you for reading my story, hope you picked something from it as I enjoyed writing it.  Until the next post, have a nice day!

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