Holey Moley!

Do you invest in your running attire?  Don’t you just love wearing tops that you explicitly bought for running and not that free one from an event you joined?  Now then, could you imagine putting holes in them?

If you’re like me who don’t usually settle for the usual event singlet (particularly outside the event), putting holes in your singlet, shirt, or the like because you need to pin your race bib on it is just plain horror!  It was always my dilemma particularly for new gears during its first “pinning.”  I just take a deep breath and just go with it and pray that the pin will not corrode or leave any permanent mark, except for the holes of course.  Most of the time the holes remain practically invisible afterwards, but there are some pins that rust easily when exposed to sweat leaving that nasty mark.  Imagine my shock when I saw some rust marks on my white shorts after an ultra (the shirt I was wearing then was more expensive than the shorts so the latter has to take the “hit”).

Fortunately I no longer have to deal with the holes and the rust as someone had already invented the “race belt.”  It’s a stretchable belt designed primarily to hold your race bibs thus not needing the safety pins, while at the same time provide the advantage of quickly wearing or removing the bib (like when doing transitions during multisport events).  Some race belts even have slots to place your energy gels, while some have pockets big enough for some small items to be carried (like mobile phones, wallet, etc.).  Quite nifty, huh?

I would like to thank Greenfield Development Corporation and of course Runrio for my first ever race belt!  This was part of the tokens we received during the launch of the Greenfield City Clean Air Run held in Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City.  I’ve always wanted to buy one but got too lazy to look for one.  I really appreciate this token, and I’m looking forward to using it soon!  Thank you very much!

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