With rains pouring in on our long weekend, some of the best things to do are stay indoors and eat good food—slow down and appreciate the things around us.  Every once in a while, it’s nice to savor the finer luxuries in life, and for me one of those luxuries I enjoy most are food.

Speaking of luxury and food, let me share with you my great gastronomic experience with this very fine French/Italian restaurant we found in Greenbelt 5—Lusso.  Lusso is Italian for luxury, and as the name suggest, the place is quite luxurious, and the food even more!  What’s a food post doing in a running blog?  Well, I haven’t met a runner who doesn’t love to eat!

It was the last full day of our American guest in the country so we really wanted his last lunch in the country to be really good so I asked around friends on good places, and one of them referred me to Lusso—a name I’ve not heard of.  Being near the office and having very good ratings online, it was perfect for us hungry monsters so we unhesitatingly gave it a try.

The menu

Lusso is a quaint little pocket of heaven near Ayala Museum.  It was a spot perfect for having a relaxing lunch or dinner because of the great ambiance, both inside and out.  Their menu isn’t that long, but they do have great selections.  Here are some of the items that we tried:


Toasts with dip (sorry I forgot the name) 🙂
Asiago Fries (French Fries with Asiago cheese)

The fries were good and the Asiago cheese goes well with it, but the dip of the toasts were really great.  Don’t let the green fool you, it’s not exactly healthy. 🙂

Main Course

A pasta dish that I forgot the name, with melted Cambozola cheese on the side 😀
Chicken Pot Pie
Lusso Demi-Pound Burger with Foie Gras (pronounced as fwä grä) 😛
Pan-Seared Salmon
Shepherd’s Pie

Being a burger lover I naturally went for the Demi-Pound Burger, also known as the Foie Gras Burger.  The Foie Gras is within the huge patty, served with melted Cambozola cheese, plain French Fries, and side salad with vinaigrette.  This is perhaps one of the best burgers I’ve tried in the country, one that is not for those conscious of oils.


Pot-De-Crème Chocolat (see the “golden” touch?)
Cheese Cake
Pecan Tart, Double Cream

Pecan Tart was the unanimous favorite, but everything was really great!  Note that these come pretty much in solo servings so you may want to try several treats.

Lusso also offers a great selection of teas but I was unfortunately not able to remember which one I got because its name is French :).  You can have a sniff of their tea selection if their names sound unfamiliar (a delightful experience if you ask me).

* * * * *

By face value of the prices it’s easy to say that it’s expensive, but the service, ambiance, and most of all, the quality of food was superb, which overall makes Lusso a very reasonable fine dining restaurant that is luxurious, but not out of reach.  I’m not sure if they open for breakfast, but if they do, Lusso would make a perfect reward for runners after a long, hard run.  I suddenly found myself relaxed and rid of all the stresses of work as we were having our conversations over the fine dishes that we’re having.  Lusso is a perfect refuge, like a spa for our tummies, and it doesn’t break the bank.  It’s one of new discoveries that is now part of my favorites.  Lusso, I’ll be back!

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  1. Sey says:

    it’s good to give ourselves a treat sometimes. Besides the food on Lusso looks healthy and delicious. this post made me feel hungry. Now I’m craving for burgers.


    1. dhenztm says:

      Haha 🙂
      Lusso’s burgers are really good but if you’re not used to big servings you can share it


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