My Visit to the Orthopedic Doctor

It’s that season again which I really dislike: forced off season due to injuries.  For the nth time, it’s my right knee again.  And to figure out what went wrong, I had a visit to an orthopedic doctor.

Actual x-ray of my knee

Apparently, I tore some tendon in there which was causing the pain.  On its own it would heal but of course I had to drop all the activities I was doing that could involve my knee, and of course that includes running.  The worse thing is that there are a lot of other things that I should not do so even my gym sessions were really affected.

Arcoxia.  We meet again.  I was a bit concerned with this one because it’s basically the “big gun” when it comes to drugs for my problem, and I just discovered that it has not been approved by the FDA for the US market because the risk of heart attacks and strokes might increase after prolonged treatment, especially with high doses.  Is that comforting or what?

At ₱77 each, it’s more expensive than a one-piece chicken meal from fast foods

The good news is that my x-ray results indicate no evidence of fracture or dislocation and pretty much everything is normal, so I can let nature, err, my body take on its natural course of healing.  The thing is that if I don’t heal well, I may need to undergo this so called prolotherapy.  It is basically a series of injections (ouch!) to reinitiate the inflammatory process that deposits new additional fibers to repair a perceived injury.  I don’t have any issues with needles, but I do have an issue with its cost—₱1,500 per injection!  And I don’t need just one, I may need as little as four (4) up to eight (8) sessions!  Who doesn’t want to heal, but at that cost, I pray that God gave me a body that can heal itself well. 🙂

From the sides

If there’s anything interesting that I’d take away from this visit is how x-ray results no longer come in the form of film—my results are inside a CD!  This CD contains a viewer for you to “enjoy” your x-ray “picture.”  My doctor also accesses my results from a terminal inside his office so it’s a much “greener” approach.  It really is good bye then, film!

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  1. takboprintipe says:

    hey bro don’t take this seriously. positive always.. ganyan tayo mga runners. Look at it as a blessing in disguise. At least you can rest for awhile. Maybe this time you can try new things that doesn’t involve too much of your knee. Who knows maybe you can write a book from your experiences and hit local bookstore. Alright? stay safe man… I pray for your quick recovery so that you can get back to action ASAP! ciao!


  2. nikrielo says:

    i use arcoxia as well. it was introduced to me as a pain reliever (tooth). until now i use it like alaxan for muscle and bone oains. its only now i am learning from you its not fda approved. wahhh.


  3. rah says:

    Get well soon tsong. Isipin mo nalang mas mabilis ka gagaling kung irest mo muna. Don’t worry, pwede ka parin maging fit kahit nagpapahinga. Try mo swimming, cycling, or rowing (para upper body at arms madevelop) para maiba naman.


  4. dhenztm says:

    Thanks guys!
    @takboprintipe: too serious ba? 😀
    @nikrielo: now that you know, avoid it as much as possible
    @rah: I’m still doing my gym routine, though modified a bit. All those activities are also not advised.


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