Salomon XTrail Run Teaser

Last weekend, I together with some runner/bloggers were invited by Salomon to conduct a trial run on the route of the Salomon XTrail Run to be held on March 21, 2012 at Tagaytay Highlands.  As someone who has done trails from Nuvali to Baguio, I can only say that this race is going to be awesome!

I know many of you are here to see what the trail looks like so I’m going to go straight to it!

On our way to where the starting line would be
Starting our run on paved roads
It was a bit late in the morning but the cool Tagaytay weather makes it pleasant
And then suddenly, the trails...
What comes down, comes up
A lot of ups and downs on this trail
Also a lot of single track routes
Another steep climb! Make sure to look back for some nice sceneries 😀
You will get pretty high...
Careful not to trample on the plants
Another view
The trails have not been cleared wide enough for this test run so we had a lot of close encounters with plants. The trails were promised to be cleared wide to accommodate the race...
But if you are still reluctant you may want to wear long sleeved shirts or high socks

Unfortunately for those not yet registered, this event is already sold out!  Since this is a trail run, slots are very limited to protect the trails.  But to those who already did, make sure that you’re very much prepared for the trails that Salomon has in store for you!  The trails of Tagaytay Highlands are “the real thing”—it isn’t your typical “off-road” or dirt road kind of race, and as such I highly recommend you use trail running or trekking shoes for your own safety.  The location isn’t called “Highlands” for nothing. 🙂

Additional notes:

  • Runners are not allowed to enter the premises of Tagaytay Highlands without a vehicle, primarily for safety purposes.  If you’re not bringing your own vehicle, join the shuttle that will take you to the venue.  Note however that if you’re not a member of Tagaytay Highlands you must coordinate with Salomon via
  • Roundtrip shuttle services are available for an additional ₱350.  It departs from Bonifacio High Street (in front of ROX) 2AM of March 31, 2012 and returns on the same day.
  • You may opt to stay at Tagaytay Highlands for the duration of this event but booking is exclusively thorough Salomon.
  • Runners are encouraged to bring their own hydration packs (bag, belt, bottle, etc.) as this event is a green run event: no disposable plastic cups or bottles but there will be hydration en route.
  • The route is mixed trails and paved.  6K and 12K both have 60% trails while the 24K will have 70%.  No river crossings.

Personal Tips:

  • Avoid bringing handheld items.  There may be parts of the route that you may need both hands.
  • This is a trail run, respect the trails!  Do not take anything but pictures and memories, and do not leave anything but footprints.  If I need to be explicit: leave everything as it is, avoid making new trails, minimize disturbance of flora and fauna, and don’t litter!

We only did about 6.5K of the actual route but it was really, really awesome!  It  is not that easy and could be a bit technical for some.  For those doing their first trail run here I do advise that you take your time and enjoy as it would be difficult to run the route anyway.  I discourage carrying anything with your hands but if you can place your gadgets elsewhere, I could suggest bringing a point and shoot camera.

For more information about this event, visit 🙂

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