Easter Photowalk

Belated happy Easter!  This year I wasn’t able to do any run during Holy Week, and I wasn’t able to do my Visita Iglesia, but this Easter after visiting a nearby church to give thanks, I had thought of doing a quick photowalk and perhaps see at least seven churches along the way.

As expected the churches are jam packed and overflowing because it’s Easter.  I wasn’t even able to get inside the church proper on my first iglesia, St. Peter Parish.  From there instead of running I had opted to just take the bus towards Intramuros to visit some of the most beautiful, historic, and influential churches in the Philippines.  But along the way I passed by the churches of Sto. Domingo and Quiapo—that makes for three!

Back within the walls of Intramuros... seems like going back in time as well

The oldest stone structure in the Philippines dating back 1607: the church of San Agustin

And it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site

A bit of history

What’s this fella waiting for?

What is this fella anyway? A lion? A dog?

Peace and quiet: that’s what I found while I was walking the streets of Intramuros from the church of San Agustin to the Cathedral

I did not realize that there is also a KM 1 marker near the Cathedral

The Manila Cathedral

Returning to the outside world

After leaving Intramuros and a quick workout at my gym’s nearby branch, I just had to complete the seven churches.  Along the way I passed through the city of Manila’s tourist belt and I thought it was very interesting.  Finally, my seventh church for Easter.

Rizal Park

The monument of Dr. José Rizal, the country’s national hero

One of Manila’s newer traffic lights: I actually don’t like it because it’s pretty much static aside from the color

Ermita Shrine: the sixth church I saw for the day

This is where I was finally able to enter a church and give thanks

Seventh church: the church of Malate

Final stop for Easter

This Lenten season gave me that much needed time with myself and my family.  I still think though that the five days off are still not enough. 🙂  Anyhow, I sure hope that those who had their Lenten breaks had a meaningful one!  Back to regular programming folks!

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