Cebu Lechon Chronicles: Greasier the Second Time Around

I had some “unsettled business” with my previous visit to Cebu just this January and never did I thought that a bit more than two months later, I’d be back to settle the score.  For this second Cebu visit for the year there were still some new things I got to try.  Let’s start the chronicle.

This is one of the famous lechon of Cebu

Airport Traffic

I think Saturday is my worst day when it comes to departing via Manila’s airport—I almost missed my flight!  That road going to the airport from EDSA was shamefully plagued with disgusting heavy traffic that ate a lot of my time so when I got at the airport (Terminal 3) the check-in counter was already closed (thankfully I had nothing to check-in) and I had to cut the line with the x-ray machine and from there, run all the way to my gate, literally, where boarding has just started.  That was so close!  In the end I got into my flight, sweating like a pig, thirsty, and famished.  I’ll definitely remember to add that Saturday traffic to my travel time!

There is traffic even as we boarded the plane
My first time to buy food from the plane

Then there’s the “real” airport traffic.  Since my last flight more than two months ago, the issue with Manila’s airport traffic has yet been resolved!  Our plane was queued 16th on the runway, which lead to at least half an hour delay.  This traffic has a ripple effect on all flights with link to Manila, be it departing or arriving, domestic or international.  If the government does not address this issue soon, it would really put a dent with our country’s tourism program.

Metro Manila from the sky

Touchdown Cebu

Thankfully, airlines “cheat” with their travel time (by padding extra minutes) so in the end we arrived practically on schedule despite the delays from Manila.  Travel from Cebu-Mactan International Airport to my hotel across Ayala Center Cebu was seamless, but I noticed something wrong—I had no packet data service!  Usually the first thing I do upon arrival is to open my phone and check my facebook and twitter, but until I got to my hotel I wasn’t able to connect.  Apparently, there was an outage with Globe’s 3G services that day in Cebu-Mactan area.  Thankfully I had my BlackBerry Curve 3G along and by simply forcing it to “downgrade” (by using 2G) I was able to connect to the internet.  It was a bad day for iPhone users though (since it can’t be forced to use 2G) as they had absolutely no data services until the following day.

My lone shoe pair for this travel

Hotel Hopping

My three days and two nights stay in Cebu would be spent in two new hotels, both located just across Ayala Center Cebu: Islands Stay Hotel and Tune Hotel.  Both of these hotels are franchise hotels, meaning they both have branches all around the country and they primarily have travelers on a budget in mind.  I’ll dedicate a separate review for each hotel in upcoming posts.

Islands Stay Hotel Ayala Center Cebu branch at night
Tune Hotel Cebu branch at night

Raison d’être

Runners could be very predictable—yes I came to Cebu for the second time this year to run!  I flew all the way from Manila to run 10K!  Why?  Because I love to run especially in new places.  Registration fees (which, for the record, I paid) seem pretty cheap when you compare it to airfare and hotel costs, but then again if you really love something, you will find a way.  Am I right? 🙂

This time around I am running at Globe Run for Home.  This was one of the most innovative races in Metro Manila where timing chips were first used and starting lines were placed in Ayala Central Business District, and now the race is in Cebu.  I love Cebu, and anytime I’m able I’m always willing to return so it didn’t took much for my friends to ask me to join them in running this race.

Side Event

I had arrived at the activity area of Ayala Center Cebu just in time to catch Michelle Estuar’s Running Essentials by Skechers Go Run.  The event was attended by runners and Cebu-based bloggers as well.

Michelle Estuar explaining stretching…


Unfortunately my plane food wasn’t enough to tame my hungry tummy so I had to skip some parts of the talk and go with one of my favorite eating places in Cebu City, Dessert Factory.

Dessert Factory’s huge menu (there’s still more on the backside!)
Chicken Tandoori: unfortunately it’s not evenly cooked inside with some parts almost raw 😦
I forgot what this is called 😛
Banana Split Ice Cream Cake

Later on that night, dinner was again with another favorite, Casa Verde, but this time it was at the Ayala Center Cebu branch—a first for me.  This time though instead of opting for the usual Brian’s Ribs (who is Bryan anyway?) I thought of getting something else.

I actually forgot what this is called as well, but it is similar to tapsilog

* * *

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