Cebu Lechon Chronicles: Islands Stay Hotels (Review)

If you’ve been travelling around the Philippines you may have noticed those Islands Souvenirs shops selling souvenir tees so I wasn’t that surprised when the words Islands Stay Hotels came up.  I had the chance to stay for a night in their Cebu City branch, and here are my thoughts.

Islands Stay Hotels Uptown (Cebu City) branch, just across Ayala Center Cebu

Islands Stay Hotels is a hotel chain with branches all over the Philippines that offers low prices while still being in great locations.  They do this by stripping off the things that could be considered optional and focusing on the needs of the traveler.  This hotel definitely has the backpacker and traveler on a budget in mind, and being one I think that they actually did a great job!

The hallway to the rooms, cute!
S (Small) room with TV and phone
The bed and the cute bedside lamp


  • For Cebu City branch, location is excellent: just across Ayala Center Cebu
  • Air conditioned rooms
  • Comfortable bed
  • Hot and cold water in both faucet and showers
  • Clean and excellent toilet with toiletries provided
  • LCD TV with cable
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi terminal at the lobby for those without laptops
  • Food available at the lobby at practically supermarket prices
  • Complimentary water even for S room
  • Excellent value for money
  • Very accommodating staff


  • Very compact rooms
  • Single outlet
  • Rooms have no windows
  • Bed could be too short or narrow for tall or big people
  • No cabinet, table, or surface to place your things (aside from the bed or the floor)
  • Only one pillow for S room
The very nice toilet. Hidden from view is the water heater located below the faucet.
They even provide these for free

Booking Tip: Book at least 30 days in advance and you get 15% discount on M, L, and XL rooms.

One of the nice quotes written all over the hotel

If you’re a traveler that is looking for a no-frills hotel with great facilities without spending much, then I can highly recommend Island Stay Hotels.  Since it is a hotel chain you can expect the same level of quality in its different branches, just like in fast food chains, so you won’t have to worry why the rates are so low.  The downside though of being a budget hotel is that the space could be a bit cramped, particularly for bigger people, and there are no windows.  If you’re claustrophobic, Islands Stay Hotels may not be for you.  But if you’re like me who practically stays at hotels just to keep their things, sleep, and shower (and isn’t too tall or big) then Islands Stays Hotels are your home away from home.

Free internet access
Lobby area where you may also charge your devices
Islands Stay Hotels Uptown branch at night

Note: This review is not sponsored and is based solely on my own experience.

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    hotel design looks like a food chain… cool 🙂


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