Cebu Lechon Chronicles: STK, Harbour City, and the Mooon

The race was over but the feast had just begun!  For our post-race lunch we were led by our stomachs to STK ta Bay!  How does having dinner on the Moon sound like?  Here’s our day.

Ayala Center Cebu is just an oasis of good food! If you’re lost, you can’t go wrong here.

STK ta Bay!

What I love about Cebu is the number of great food choices you have, and one of the more popular ones is the STK.  Don’t ask me what those letters meant, but for me it means great food!  Here, help yourself:

STK: another must try!
Choices, choices! 😀
Looks like pancit (noodles) but it is actually a seaweed of sorts. Of course a meal is not complete without rice 😀
Some delicious squid
Really crispy pork
Don’t forget to hydrate! Some fresh buko (coconut) juice.

Aside from food, STK is also popular because of its unique ambiance.  You may even have a quick tour of the place to better appreciate their antique collection.

Some antique religious items
Along with some other antique items

Harbour City

After all that eating you have to admit you’d just want to sleep!  For me it was time to move to my next hotel which was just a stone’s throw away from the previous, settle down and get some rest.  Just before having dinner with friends my stomach lead me back to a place I haven’t been to in more than two years: Harbour City.

Some spring rolls to get through before dinner
Missing my old favorite so had to settle with this shake which is not bad

I admit I was a bit dismayed with how this restaurant looked like now.  The menu had changed and the items that I found interesting were all gone (including that “Bee Sting” shake that I was clamoring for!).  What remained was food that you can find practically anywhere.  Even their interior had a “downgrade.”

Mooon Café

I thought that I’d never get a chance to return to my usual home in Cebu, Cebu IT Park.  My friends and I were off to The Walk inside Cebu IT Park where a branch of Mooon Café is found.  Mooon Café is a Mexican-inspired restaurant which spells trouble for me as I’m not that fond of tacos and nachos.  Fortunately I am fond of pasta, which they also serve.

Fly me to the Mooon…
Shrimp pasta for dinner

There’s not much in terms of choices for me in this café but as with most popular restaurants in Cebu their food are good and their prices very reasonable.  There’s not much to do after dinner because of the drizzle that crashed our party so it was back to our hotels after.  Looking back, yeah that was a pretty boring night, but I still have an entire day to come to rectify the situation, coming up next.

* * *

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