runningpinoy on TV

Remember my almost three year old article “Top 5 Best Places to Run in Metro Manila?”  Well, one way or another, it had spun off from the web to the small screen yesterday at the “Best Places to Run in the Metro” segment of Sports Pilipinas over at NewsTV Channel 11.  And of course, I had to be there!

Screen shot (literally) of yesterday’s actual broadcast
(we should really implement digital TV)

Since it was just a “shortie,” there’s just enough time to present three places, with commentaries from fellow runner/blogger friends, and yours truly running on all three of these spots.  You may view the episode summary here.

Actual screen shots of the broadcast: Jinoe Gavan (, Nao Checa, and Bards Bathan ( commenting on what makes these places best for running.  At the bottom right is yours truly running in one of the places mentioned.

We had some serious technical difficulties before we were able to complete this segment but overall, it was quite an interesting (and quite tiring) experience that I would not mind doing again.  Thank you Sports Pilipinas and the crew behind the show for this exposure!  I sure hope though that there’s a video of this episode somewhere in the internet for those who haven’t seen it and for me to view my “TV debut” again.  If you find it, please post the link here (thank you in advance!). 😀

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