Fantastic Four

Today, runningpinoy turns four!  Yes, this blog has been around cyberspace officially for four (4) years already, and during that time it had seen the sport of running in the Philippines grow from an enthusiast’s sport to a lifestyle!

Group shot after our first race (Men’s Health Miracle Run 2008), taken August 17, 2008, the birth of a running pinoy 🙂
– – – – –
This parking lot is now the site of One Parkade

From my first ever race recap: my 10K at the
32nd National MILO Marathon Manila Finals (2008)
From my first ever trail run and first ever race with a GPS device: TNF Thrill of the Trail Experience (2009).
– – – – –
This picture actually appeared in the summer edition of
Sidetrip Magazine that same year marking my first ever magazine appearance! 🙂

I would like to thank everyone who kept supporting this yours truly and this site through all these years: the sponsors, event organizers, fellow online and media partners, and most especially YOU who is visiting my blog!  I really appreciate it and am hoping for your continuous support, THANK YOU!

I am really grateful, THANK YOU! 😀

There may not be as much personal recaps on races here as it used to four years ago (when registration fees for races seldom exceed ₱250) but rest assured that I’ll keep this blog updated with relevant information about the running community here in the Philippines.  If you want to read about the stories that are close to my heart for the past four years, please visit the Memorabilia page.

An achievement to be in the same page with running icons 🙂
Runner’s World Philippines January-March 2012 Issue

I look forward to your next visit to my blog!  For the mean time, keep running and run safe! 😀

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