Bohol + Cebu Quickie: Alona’s Allure

Bohol wasn’t originally part of my itinerary, but since I had some “spare time” I might as well use it to visit one of my most missed places since it’s just a two hour ferry trip from Cebu.  And this time my Bohol itinerary was clear: the beach!

Winter: More fun in the Philippines 😀

Yes, it might seem like too early in the year to go to the beach, after all it’s still winter in the northern hemisphere.  But this is the Philippines where it’s practically summer the entire year!  Now, won’t you agree that winter is indeed more fun in the Philippines?

Kids playing at the port of Tagbilaran.  The crystal clear blue water of the port is just crazy!
Look at what I found in the supermarket!  I admit I used to play with these when I was little.
Low tide, just a few meters from the port itself.  It really baffles me how this port could have such a clear water.

After arriving at the port of Tagbilaran, Bohol’s capital, we went to the supermarket to fetch some “pasalubong” and some supplies for our trip to the nearby island of Panglao where Alona (the beach) was waiting for us.

Travel Tip: If you’re willing to have some adventure and aren’t pressed for time, you may opt to commute as the locals do to get to Panglao.  Jeepneys and buses are available near Tagbilaran Museum (where the Kilometer Zero of the island is placed).  I strongly suggest the bus if you need some space as the jeepney can really get overloaded. 🙂

Our colorful home in Panglao Island 🙂
The skyline of Alona Beach 😀
The alluring Alona Beach 😉
White sands as powdery as milk…

It was already the middle of the afternoon when we arrived in Panglao Island so naturally after satisfying our guts and checking in our hotel, we spent the rest of the day on the alluring beaches of Alona.

A coconut-nut (it’s not a nut) 😛
Spectacular sunset
Barbecue for dinner 😀
Boats by the beach
How about some seafood for dinner?

The following day I just had the urge to run, just for fun.  I just wanted to find out how long the beach was and get some tan so running on the beach even if it wasn’t that early was just perfect.

Hello, Alona!
Hmmm 🙂
Great views from here…
Another view of the beach
On higher ground…
Colorful 🙂

For what it’s worth, the beaches of Alona is about 800m long 🙂

Is it safe to say that this is Alona’s signature coconut tree? 🙂

Eventually it was time for Alona and I to part ways.  We were fortunate to stumble upon a bus returning to Tagbilaran so our commute back was more comfortable than the jeepney we took on the way here.  Unfortunately, travel time was still very slow, probably due to the laid back culture of the province.

It’s not the fastest way to get back to Tagbilaran, but it’s the most comfortable public transport you can get
Back at the port of Tagbilaran… still WOW!
That’s our ferry back to Cebu City
On our way back to Cebu City… goodbye Bohol!
Look at how clear and blue these waters are…
The kids playing near the ferry, trying to fetch some spare change from tourists

This trip to Bohol gave me a chance to finally dip and enjoy the wonderful beaches of Alona.  I really loved how fine the sands are, pretty much like that of Boracay but much less crowd and with nature pretty much preserved.  I loved everything about Alona and Panglao, but I do wish that public transportation improves not just for the sake of tourists but also for the locals since the current ones are quite inconvenient and really slow.  Regardless, I still look forward to returning to the island!  Thank you Alona, Panglao, Tagbilaran, and Bohol!  Until we meet again!

* * *

Bohol + Cebu Quickie:

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