The Terrifying Truth About Bananas

Ba-ba-ba ba-ba-na-na… Bananas has got to be one of the most preferred fruits by humans (I’ve yet meet anyone who doesn’t like a banana) most especially runners during races.  I just found this very interesting clip about our favorite bananas:

Aren’t we lucky here in the Philippines that aside from the “manufactured” Cavendish variety, we have a lot more “wild” varieties of bananas?  I wonder how minions react to banana-cues? 😀

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  1. RunningAtom says:

    Hhmmnn… really interesting. We still have those bananas with big, black seeds growing in the Bicol region, particularly Masbate, we call it Pakol. It’s much sweeter than the senyoritas, pero ang hirap lang kainin dahil kailangan mong sipsipin yung laman at iluwa ung buto dahil halos parang bato sa tigas. =)


    1. dhenztm says:

      I think I had eaten a banana like that hehe 😀


  2. interesting and cool huh! 🙂 I love it 🙂


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