Downtime “Training”

It’s inevitable that every once in a while we experience “downtime.”  I’ve been using the pool practically every day lately to help improve my newly acquired swimming skills, and now my body is forcing me to rest.  Anyhow, this downtime gives me a different opportunity to “train.”

A good congee is nice for times like these…

Being on a bed rest doesn’t really mean you can’t do anything.  You should give your body the rest it needs, but if your brain is on the task, training may still resume.  Since any strenuous physical activity is barred for the day, I let my brain do the “training” by watching videos and reading tips on how to improve my swimming skills focusing mainly on the freestyle or crawl.  So when I’m able to go back in the pool, I have some new techniques I could practice!

For those also just starting on their swimming skills, here are some really nice videos from Speedo that may help improve you technique:

Special thanks to Fitness First Platinum RCBC branch for their nicely kept temperature-regulated swimming pool where I learned how to swim!  I really appreciate that they keep a pull buoy and kickboard around the pool for anyone to use.  Now I just need some paddles and training fins!  Wouldn’t mind some center snorkel as well!  (I’m starting to feel the expense of swimming, hahaha :D)

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